Muscadines know how to bloom

I noticed a bloom on my Lane yesterday so I checked out my Southern Home. Both had a few buds flowering. Last year they bloomed a few days later but they still bloomed at almost the exact time. Muscadines grow everywhere in my area without any assistance and I suspect this is one of the many reasons why they flourish. The flowers are wet and difficult to see.


Southern Home


Never grow muscadine.Do they need to have male to set fruits


There are some perfect flowering varieties such as Lane. It is self pollinating and can grow alone and set a good crop. It will also pollinate either a male or female variety. Another option is to plant a female and male variety. Hope this helps. Bill

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All my second year vines are blooming. So there are early season, mid season, and late season ripeners. Do the all bloom together and some take longer to mature. I have four varieties and they are all in some stage of bloom.


Unknown variety

Cowart (pollinator)

Black Beauty



I don’t have the same varieties as you do but I’m pretty sure they will all overlap their bloom times. I do have a small Black Beauty with two bud clusters that have not bloomed yet but the sample size is small. I would like to know your opinion of the taste of Black Beauty. The only one I would rate higher from what I have tasted is Supreme.

I have Supreme that I planted this year. I bought it due to several of you guys posting about how good it was. I should be able to taste Black Beauty this year. Its covered in blooms.

Mine are all overlapping on the blossom time. Just wondered if that was normal or just coincidental for mine this year.

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Ison’s comments on their website about Supreme.

The Supreme muscadine vine is the very best and the biggest muscadine. This black muscadine vine is a very heavy producer with large clusters and dry scar. The Supreme muscadine has a long shelf life, edible skin, and very disease resistant. The Supreme is a must for commercial vineyards. This variety may have a tendency to over-crop so fruit thinning may be required. 22% sugar. Developed at Ison’s Nursery. Patent Protected #7267. NOTE: This is a female variety that must be planted within 50 feet of a self-fertile variety in order to produce fruit.

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I won’t have to deal with it this year but wouldn’t have a clue how much to thin them… maybe I’ll have more experience next year when they bear. It’s does have a rave review doesn’t it?

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Yours are ahead of mine.

I have a Tara that has not yet given me any fruit. It probably needs to be in a bigger pot to hold more moisture. Anyone try Tara? It’s dry scar and self-fertile, too.

If I had the space it would be in the ground, but I already have an overwhelming vine collection (clematis -20+ actinidia -5+, passiflora 3+ (in ground) and numerous others (scisandra, rose, lonicera, hops and grape) so it’s not going to find a home there anytime soon.



My vines are way behind too. But, I’m just happy that they made it through the winter with top-growth intact. It was pretty mild here, a few degrees above 0F, after a couple winters in the area of -8F or 9F.

Planted a few years ago:
Fry Seedless
Black Beauty
Late Fry

Arriving tomorrow:

Anyone try Creek? The inventory at this time of year isn’t much and I thought that a self-fertile with “sweet purple berries that are higher in acid than most muscadines” sounded pretty good.


I just ordered 50 vines for next spring

10 - Late Fry
10 - Summit
10 - Nesbitt
10 - Black Beauty
5 - Noble
5 - Carlos


That looks like a lot of work! Are you going commercial?

Wow. Going to take up a large area if planted at 20’ apart.

Good looking assortment. Has your Fry Seedless had any fruit yet to evaluate?

Nope- none from Fry Seedless yet. Black Beauty was good in a very limited sample last year (1 ripe grape and 1 half-ripe grape). Late Fry had a few too, but I don’t remember getting any of them (unripe or animals)- it’s easy to lose the whole crop when it is 3 grapes :wink:

Nobody with experience with Creek? I looked online but didn’t see any info on it, so it must not be widely grown.



about 1/4 of an acre

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going to put in a small U-pick. Hope to time it up with Asian Pears


I was wondering why the box was 9lbs for just 4 vines. It turned out that the box was 10x12x42" and contained 8 vines. They gave me a few bonuses. Of the four extras, one was clearly a Lane and another was Darlene. I’m not sure what the other 2 are (I wrote to ask them). For now, I may pot some of the extras up, but will take a stroll through the yard tomorrow looking for good spots to plant them. I bet I’ll be able to find a place for the Lane, after all the good things I’ve been hearing about it. I may need to dig up one or two of the normal grapes I started from cuttings last year…

Not only were bonus plants included, but the roots look pretty strong. They were also packed very nicely- the roots were kept moist with a gel.


Nice bonus if you have enough space. Instead of the recommended 20’ spacing I placed some duplicates about 8’ apart with the intent of removing some later after they get larger. I’m hoping the result will be more ripe fruit earlier. My Lane has been slow growing so I have added two more. Sure wish I had gone with muscadines sooner instead of struggling with table grapes for several years. Looks like you have a really good assortment.

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