Muscat beauty grapes - Lychee Flavor

I got some grapes today called Muscat beauty at publics, they are clear pink and have a lychee flavor. Pulled out lychee can fruit and candy to compare it with, Sweet, juice/watery lychee flavor,stronger with older grapes and the smaller ones have more regular grape flavor with light undertone.

My question is this grapevine for sale and where?

Concord, and cotton candy grapes would be my favorite. Plus now muscat beauty are grapes I’ve bought that I’ve liked, any similar type or really flavorful? I guess would be how to describe it type grapes, to grow or buy in season is much welcomed.

I definitely agree on the lychee flavor. I actually made a thread about them last season on a different forum mentioning the same thing. Really blows away the normal red and green grapes that are always available.

I love fresh lychee and would love to order this grape vine if it is available.


Trying for a third time for concord (seedless and seeded), both vines died last year, planted to late I think though, and cotton candy grapes are trademarked and not for sell vine wise.

I can’t find the muscat Beauty for sell at all, can’t find more then 2-3 grapes even listed as muscat for sell.

Jsvand5.: Did anyone have any from the previous forum/topic growing?

I also love lychees. I’d be interested in this.

From me

Is it possible to root the stems holding the grapes?

Going to say no…but i’m no expert.

I love canned lychees. I stop buying them because i eat them too fast. I buy canned mangosteens once in awhile…those too are addicting.

I saw one guy on Youtube trying to root it but he did not do a follow up final result of rooting or not.


I trimmed it all over, removed dried/brown spots, and addded it to a cup mixed with root hormones full of water, will try moss and perlite for the other 2 and see if i can get any to take at all. Try to graft it to some current grapevines if it works or something.

I’m pretty sure there are no vegetative buds on the fruit stems so it cannot push a shoot even if you got roots on it.

Also note that it is a vinifera variety and they are extremely hard to grow if you are not in a dry climate. I know, I grew them for half a dozen years

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My dreams are being busted all over the place today.
Very humid here.

I am going to get some good eating Muscat Beauty grapes at Whole Foods when the next shipment arrive. The produce guy got my number.


I’ve never tasted lychee so can’t comment on that. But I’ve mentioned many times that Summer Muscat is by far the best tasting grape I’ve grown. Very strong flavor and very agreeable. It’s actually a raisin grape. Has small berries that crack even in my greenhouse with no rain. Will have my first outdoor crop this yr. I’m hoping by some miracle they’ll be easier to grow outside than in. If so that will be a first.

It’s the yellow grape in the center. I picked out the best bunch to take a picture of. Red is Flame, purple Juniper. Those all have pretty small berries compared to Autumn Royal or Summer Royal, both later maturing grapes.

Flame is a nice crisp early grape with mild flavor. Jupiter doesn’t suit my tastes at all, especially the skin.

Princess is another yellow grape with a slight Muscat flavor that’s much easier to grow than Summer Muscat. Unfortunately the Muscat flavor of Princess is 5% that of SM. If they could combine the taste of Summer Muscat with the berry size and cluster characteristics of Princess they’d have a raving success. That should only be a matter of time. Maybe even at some point it could be a disease resistant, cold hardy, Eastern seedless cultivar.



What are your thoughts about growing Summer Muscat in a Whisky barrel with a 5 feet T post in the center with wheels build on the bottom of the barrel to roll in a cold storage for winter protection?



The grapes above were in 12 gal pots in my greenhouse. I got 6-8 bunches the second leaf and a big crop the 3rd.

Your plan should work fine. I grew Princess in a pot for about 8 yrs at which point the pot burst and I had the new pots coming on.

I’m not sure how SM will take the rain. It’s a CA grape. An umbrella of sorts might help. I’ll know more by fall.

You can buy SM from Bay Laurel Nursery.


Check out how the vineyards had buckets of their grape cuttings sit ready to plant.


I’d been reading this thread all day at work, all excited about the possibilites. Then got home, ate dinner, and went to a Boston area wholefoods to see if they had any. They did! And they definitely do have that lychee flavor. My wife, who’s from Cinque Terre, Italy, tried one and said it reminded her of the grapes her aunt grows. She’s giving her aunt a call tomorrow to find out the name of the grape. I’ll post what she comes up with.

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Mayne you can ask her for some dormant cuttingS


Muscat Beauty is one of the new fruits bred in Chile. The southern fruit growers are breeding their own fruits for marketing here, I think we are also now seeing some of their blackberries.

Lychee flavor sounds like what is commonly called muscat flavor (and thus “muscat” in the grape name). Its not exactly lychee but is pretty similar. I really wish I could grow one here, I did grow several muscats and I miss that flavor. Jupiter and New York Muscat are ones that can be grown in the east, but they are not up to the flavor of the real thing. But for kitchen purpose they are close.

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I’m in… this (or whatever i can get my hands on) is going on my list. I’ll pot grow it…15 gallon. I only have Reliance right now. I could easily restrict water in a pot…just throw a couple of boards over the tops to divert rain off to the side.