My mulberry and other fruits collection


Hi! Decided to post a thread with pics and info about my mulberry collection so far :slight_smile:


+100y old morus nigra in the ground



2x Morus Nigra Chelsea/king james in containers


Mulberry Wellington in container (hybrid m. Alba x m. Rubra)


2x Mulberry Pakistan (morus alba / morus macroura, whatever the classification is) in containers also


Another mulberry PakistAn


Several other morus nigra both bush form and tree form in 5L containers. 2x from Italy, 2x from the UK, 1x from Germany


Unknown cultivar morus alba or alba x rubra hybrid, red fruits variety apparently, extremelly slow grower


Sold to me as black mulberry, NOT a morus nigra for sure, another alba or hybrid


Rooted mulberry shangri - la, 1 year. Hybrid


Rooted mulberry Oscar (cutting), 1 year


2x grafted morus macroura/sent directly from Pakistan, received them 3 month ago, not sure what it will become or if really is what is supposed to be


Morus kagayame, fruitless


Bought this as a morus bombcys kagayamae FRUITING variety from a nursery, grew immensely in 2 years and only produces male flowers… :frowning:


Morus alba pendula, weeping mulberry, fruiting variety



I think thats all…


Oh, its not… Lol! Several morus alba, 2 of them sold to me as morus nigra/black mulberry… When i received them pretty obvious they are simple morus albas…


Sold to me as black fruiting mulberry/ alba or hybrid, fast growing