My mulberry and other fruits collection



I will just call you Redhand, I bet during prime season I could pick you out of a crowd


red-handed and absolutely guilty!


wow,very nice mulberry collection!. Mulberry is one of my favorite fruit. I have a in ground Illinois everbearing which has large,sweet berries


Great collection Carld, thanks for sharing your photos with us.


Update: it has now been over 1 year that all my mulberry collection has been transferred to my farm in Portugal and planted on the ground. Growth has been explosive :slight_smile: now looking for more varieties. Looking for gerardi dwarf, Illinois, tehama, silk hope, white Pakistan, hicks, etc… I can either buy or trade cuttings. PM me if you have any variety that I don’t


Wow! That is already a lot and ur looking for more? If I have mulberry questions, i’d Know to ask you.:joy:. Hope you find more varieties on here.


You can get most of the varieties here:


Best tasting variety you grow?


Morus Nigra taste wise is the best of the best


Ive heard that, are there any morus nigra named varieties that are better than others or are all morus nigra of the same quality?


I believe that once they are all same age, the taste is basically the same.


Update 1 y later on my mulberries

Shangri La mulberry 2 year rooted cuttings (2 plants)

Oscar mulberry 2 y old rooted cutting (1 plant)

Pakistan Mulberry (2 plants) - as I changed them countries had to cut the trees in half last Autumn

Morus nigra King James/Chelsea (2 plants)

Wellington mulberry (1 plant), when moving countries had to cut the tree just above the graft, growing again

Fruiting Weeping mulberry

Morus nigra bush form (italian / German and English varieties)


Other fruiting weeping mulberry, bigger and bigger leaves but the smaller one in the previous post produces a lot more berries


2 y old rooted Shangri la from cutting- june

Big leaves

Another shangri la from cuttings
With fruits

Oscar 2 y old rooted cutting


Shangri la just planted on the ground


King James / chelsea mulberry just planted


Morus nigra AGM just planted also


Another morus nigra German variety also planted


Another King James / Chelsea morus nigra planted


Wellington mulberry just planted / alba/rubra hibrid