My mulberry and other fruits collection


Another morus nigra / italian variety / regina


A second italian morus nigra / regina


Yet another unnamed morus nigra / english origin


Morus alba pendula / weeping mulberry / fruiting variety also planted


Still to plant tomorrow: pakistan mulberry, Oscar, and 3 unnamed cultivars (black fruits, white fruits and red fruits - hibrids most likely)


I don’t know of any – all the offerings I’ve encountered are for the species. Perhaps someone knows differently?


Probably all the same… different origins but to be honest they all look the same between mine.


You have encountered differently named cultivars of Morus nigra?


Well not cultivars i believe. In my opinion they are all the same but what i have is morus nigras from different locations or origin. A german one, 2 italians, 2 chelsea/king james, another unknown english one, a named AGM one and the old centenary one in my property.
Cant really compare them as the only one fruiting reliably is the centenary one.


What is AGM?


No idea Richard, its advertised in several english nurseries as morus nigra AGM, usually british nurseries have AGM, Chelsea/king james and Carlton House

" Cultivar Selection

There are a number of black mulberries to choose from;

Morus nigra AGM: the species is highly recommended, is widely available and an excellent performer in terms of fruit production and as an ornamental tree.
Morus nigra ‘Chelsea’ (syn. ‘King James’): a cultivar of great historical interest, originating in the Chelsea Physic Garden, London. Fruit is especially large and succulent with an intense, rich flavour. It can be eaten fresh, in preserves or made into wine."


By the way Richard, would you mulch these trees? Or leave them as they are now? Thanks


In my location I mulch everything.


Im in Portugal, hardiness zone 9b


My climate is very similar to the region 10 km east of Oualidia, Morocco.


Todays work: planted pakistan mulberry, another shangri la mulberry, a dwarf unnamed fruiting variety, portuguese black fruits (hibrid most likely), portuguese white fruits (alba or hibrid), portuguese red fruits (rubra or hibrid) and oscar mulberry. Photos following


Oscar mulberry just breakind bud


Portuguese white fruits cultivar- yet to break the bud


Portuguese red cultivar - just starting to break the bud


Unnamed dwarf fruiting variety, mulberry with very tiny leaves and small fruits, no idea what it is maybe Issai?