My mulberry and other fruits collection


Another Shangri la and already fruiting a lot


Portuguese black fruits cultivar and fruiting already, an alba or hibrid


A pakistan mulberry and also fruiting already


Here’s a list of mulberries at NCGR with links to observations:


Sorry if you’ve explained this already but what we’re all of the concrete? pillars/posts for?


‘Issai’ has medium-large sized fruit. It is very prolific, but the spring crop has a taste that is kind of “grassy” and not very sweet. Its small fall crop is a little better.


These concrete pillars were used by my grandparents and great grandparents to tie the vineyard, wine grapes.
I just inherited this property and put my mulberry trees on the edges of the property. The idea is to create a full edge of mulberries around the property. The land in the middle eventually will be cultivated with somethinh . Have a lot of land in the middle with nothing in it yet.
Check the example pics of these type of pillars


Hi Livinginawe, so definitively is not an Issai.
No idea what it is so.


Still looking for a few more varieties of mulberries but having problems finding them. A well known belgium nursery has a few of the varieties im looking but they are both out of stock and now they only ship when the plants go dormant from september on :frowning:
Looking for these ones:
Saharanpur / white pakistan mulberry
Girardi dwarf
Silk hope
Illinois everbearing
Taiwan / long mulberry or other Thai varieties
Himalayan mulberry - like pakistan but longer and narrow fruits
And any other good fruiting varieties
I have time and patience, im sure eventually ill get them


the ones that fruited. could you tell us more about their rating of taste quality and flavor profile? very nice mulberries thank you for sharing!


Well, to be fair can only comment seriously on the morus nigras. All other mulberries still quite young and only fruited the 2 last seasons. They should now start to fruit more heavily and maturely being in the ground.
Morus nigra has very juicy dark fruits, very very sweet and spicy, they are the best of the best for taste and flavour!
Will comment on the others when they fruit this year but apparentely pakistan, oscar and shangri la are supposed to be good. Will see


I think your Climate is OK to grow the large, sweet, and good tasting Pakistan mulberry. I saw a Video of Ben growing an inground Pak. Mulberry in Seattle. There’s also a White Pakistan mulberry. I just grafted this one to my potted Pak. Mulberry.



Yes a few Black Beauty, Noir of Spain and a few others. Black Beauty is said to be the best
I have one nigra that was found in zone 6 Bulgaria. I still grow it in a container and with protection. Once bigger I will graft harvested scion to in ground plants and see how it does.
The tree was dying and produced male flowers so I got some seed from Bulgaria. Two sprouted one died. I have one seedling.
Tsarigradska mulberry seedling from vratsa Bulgaria zone 6 (morus nigra)
If you run this through google translate you can read this small article about this very rare tree. My seeds came from fruit off this tree. No other nigra mulberries are anywhere near this far north.


Just grafted the World Best Mulberry onto the large wild mulberry understock. This is a trial to see if it can handle my Z5. Last year the low temp was -20F for a night. Thanks Katy for swapping scionwoods. @k8tpayaso.



if i can get 1 mulberry to survive a produce fruit for me i would be thrilled. i have a russian mulberry that I’m trying to graft some i.e. mulberry scion wood to. hopefully they take.


Last year I tried to get a few World Best also from Bryce but he wasnt confortable to risk shipping to Portugal :frowning:


totally agree. Nigra berries don’t get to be spicy here in vegas, but still, the dark juice is more vinous and complex than the deepest-red wines out there. Sans alcohol.

all three are very good, although a far second to nigra’s. Of the three i like pak’s the best due to the size of berries.


Just dying to get white pakistan/saharanpur and gerardi dwarf. The belgium nursery will only now sell them from September on :frowning:
In the past i tried to root saharanpur but i failed :frowning:


I’m envious. It looks like I’ve killed my 4th or 5th try at a mulberry. They just refuse to leaf out in the spring, even if I keep them in the garage over winter. Even my VdB fig shows more life than my mulberry.


I hope they do well for you. If mine don’t put out new growth from the roots they are done for!! They bloomed and leafed out in January this year and that’s when our winter begins. We had a very mild winter but they got fooled and all the buds are dead.

I did just get through grafting some Kokusa mulb. I had horrible luck with mulbs last year…Maybe!! Thank you!