My mulberry and other fruits collection


One more variety added for my farm!
Its a portuguese variety, coming from the Madeira Island, tropical or subtropical. It bears all year round in the Island, we will see how often it bears in the continental Portugal.
The guy it comes from calls it a everbearing dwarf type of mulberry with very large fruits and the mature mother plant has a weeping type of growth!!
It bears a large amount of fruit right on the first year while small.
I show you a few pics of the mother plant in Madeira Island and the rooted cuttings
For my identification purposed i will call it the Madeira Mulberry


I have one of those too. And it’s very hardy! :grin:


Great to hear Luis! Hows the taste?


Hello! It’s on the ground and it’s the first year with fruit but it’s full! I have a white mulberry, one white saharanpur, one black Pakistan and one Illinois Everbearing.


Great Luis, im trying to source a Saharanpur for me also. The belgium nursery now only ships then from september on.
Hows your saharanpur developing and fruiting? You re in Portugal also, right? And hows is it taste?
Also have 2 pakistans. And also looking for the himalayan one, which is different from pakistan, its red and very very long and thin fruits.
I now also have an illinois everbearing on the way :slight_smile:
So far i have shangri la, oscar, pakistan, different nigras (chelsea, italian, nigra, agm, portuguese), fruiting weeping (pendula), white mulberry, red mulberry (possibly a hibrid), black mulberry (alba or hibrid). :slight_smile:


I have mine all on the ground. They grow slowly untill now but this year they took off! A lot of fruits too…


With all these Mulberry posts and pictures, now I want to get into the game as well. I planted an everbaring mulberry a few years ago and it produces crazy amounts of small black berries. I was told this was not the mulberry you’d like, so here is my question:

If I were to plant one or two mulberry tress, what am I planting? I would prefer larger than life berries and a nice tree structure. The everbaring has thousands of small branches everywhere and looks more like a very tall bush than a tree.


I’d say a Pakistan,whose fruit is about the biggest for a Mulberry and some kind of Morus nigra,maybe Black Beauty or Noir de Spain.These will be trees,with the Pakistan growing the


Where would one source either one or both?




I agree with your comments. Pak is a large satisfying fruit. It is very sweet. Nigra has more complexity and punch as far as flavor. It pops in your mouth to the point that it"s addictive…


The Pakistan I have,was at Burnt Ridge Nursery and the Black Beauty came from Grow Organic/Peaceful Valley.
I did get,what was advertised as Noire de Spain,from Hidden Springs Nursery,for $12.The plant is still young,but does look like a Morus


And my Madeira mulberries have arrived! Very happy with the seller conditioning, very cool guy.
Bought him 3, he sent me 4 and three free eugenia uniflora plants (brazilian cherry or Suriname cherry). He even send an instruction leaflet how to care for these. Cool guy

Check my border collie on the back :joy:


Congratulations! Great plants!


Tks Luis, weather is shit as you probably know, doesnt stop raining but i will plant them tomorrow anyway :slight_smile:


Yes… did you saw the pics of some of my mulberries on my thread?


I did, you have a very cool orchard :slight_smile:
Love the saharanpur mulberry, how long has it been on the ground?


They are both on ground for 3 years on a very exposed spot so they took a lot to grow well… is the first year the black pakistan got fruit and the saharanpur is got a lot of fruits this year! :grin:


Cool Luis, once the fruits are ripe send me photos of both for me to compare your black pakistan with mine. I"ll sent you mine. My pakistan is fruiting also and so it is shangri la, they are very early.
Morus nigras are just budding now and so is Oscar.
In september I should get the saharanpur and some others from the belgium nursery also.
I went to Jumbo today and they have some interesting plants for sale… lots of berries plants and some good sized trees for 9eur!!!. I saw a few plums, peaches, melon pears (melao andino), hardy kiwis etc lol


Ok i will and i will do pics of my other ones, Best regards!