My mulberry and other fruits collection


One more day planting
4 Madeira mulberries
1 pepino melon/andine melon
1 fuzzy kiwi “hayward”
2 hardy kiwis issai
3 pitangas/surinam cherry/brazilian cherries from Madeira island
1 passion fruit
1 blueberry “goldtraube”


4x Madeira mulberries

Pepine melon/andine melon

Fuzzy kiwi “hayward”

2x Hardy kiwi issai


Blueberry “goldtraube”

4x Pitangueira/surinam cherry/brazilian cherry


New aquisitions today
Brazil tree tomato/tamarillo, physalis, another pitanga/suriname cherry but big tree/bush, another alpine melon, kens red hardy kiwi


All I can say is that is one hell of a view…


And planted


In a few years you will have fresh fruits up to your ears :blush:




Just an FYI, Blueberries need mates from a different blueberry that blooms at the same time. They also need acid soil so add sulfur.


Ok, couldnt resist, one more tree/bush to plant.
Feijoa, good size plant.




I only tasted a white dried bulberry in a package at the store. It was so overly sweet without any sour or special flavor, and seedy. It made me not want to grow any.

I assume other varieties taste better or you would not be imtetested!


You need to taste persian mulberries…


My other pakistan mulberry in my lawn. This one is further ahead in growth and fruit than the one in the farm (same age), probably due to the extra water it gets from the lawn water sprinkles


Time for some citrus trees planting
4 orange trees: newhall, dalmau, valencia late, moscatel
1 lime tree


love it! Really great to see growingfruit going international :slight_smile:


How is Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing) in your area? I live in Florida and it is devastating the citrus industry here. I have a few citrus trees and the year before last I had some citrus that looked like it might have citrus greening, but this past season I saw no evidence of it in my fruits, perhaps because I started supplying my citrus with the full range of micro-nutrients. I feel that makes a big difference to the overall health of the tree. The only name I recognize is Valencia…It is a great juice orange; real juicy and sweet.


3 more plants bought
Cattley guava/red araçá
Pink blueberry/rose bush
Red dragonfruit


Hi everyone I would like to get a mulberry but I don’t know what to get or where to get it from! I kind of like the dark berries on my preference but I would like any recommendations would be appreciated, I live on the eastern shore of Virginia


And planted today
Cattley guava/strawberry guave/açará vermelho


Rose bush/pink blueberry