My mulberry and other fruits collection


Red dragon fruit

#122 is in your neck of the woods. good luck!


Thanks @moose71 ( any one in particular that you recommend? )


not sure as I’m in a much colder zone than you but maybe someone more familiar with mulberries hardy to your area will chime in. i have illni. everbearing and northrop here but they are some of the few that survive here.


Such a neat way to ship plants!


I’m impressed, if there isn’t an official name for this one, I’m afraid you will have to share some cuttings with me at some point :smiley:


Is it possible to get a Cutting or anything ?? I am looking only for the varieties with good harvest!like this one on your picture


Mine are still quite small, maybe next year i can take cuttings


Maybe next year, my plants are small yet


Well, going through a local nursery i saw 2 abandoned mulberries (small vases, few and dry soil and exposed roots) in the very end of the nursery, by the landscaping tree zone. Both the same type of mulberries, but one of them to big to carry, the other one a bit smaller.
No label, but i believe its a morus alba bombcys, one of those used for ornamental purposes (i have 2 of these, one supposed to be a female one but only producing male flowers…).
I believe its a bombcys because leaf shape is the same and the leaf feels very course to the touch (almost like a nigra), like my other alba bombcys.
This ones surely are females or carry both genders because they had fruits on them…
Brought the smaller one home to be planted next to the other mulberries. The nursery owner didnt even knew he had them and i bought it for 5 euros. Lol


And planted…


This was time also to check how my other recent mulberry plantings were doing… all seems fine.
My 2 shangri la mulberries are fruiting just a few weeks after planting, fruits should get larger next season once established

Unknown portuguese cultivar also fruiting

Weeping mulberry also fruiting

Wellington mulberry also fruiting

One of my chelsea house/king james morus nigra is finally showing the development of fruit


Oscar mulberry is now getting its leaves and some fruitlets also!! This one is a bit behind because was planted bare root!!


Orange trees are flowering and pink blueberries are fruiting also


Daaamn i did it again… stopped by another nursery and bought another shrub…
Already planted a strawberry guava / araça vermelho… now i bought a lemon guava/yellow guava/araça amarelo to plant also… and i can see flower buds…


And because i like all type of fruits lets try and grow some monstera deliciosa fruits also.
If it doesnt fruit it will be a nice indoor plant at least lol

If anyone has any experience getting their mostera fruiting please chime in


I have Monstera deliciosa here in Miami, Florida. The fruit by the way is superlative. It takes about a year to ripen, but the taste is well worth it. It’s a combination of pineapple, banana, coconut and mango. Very unique flavor. But I thought it was a tropical vine!!!


A few more today
3 monstera deliciosa
3 little feijoas/pinneaple guava (on sale, couldnt resist)
1 cherimoya/annona


The 3 on sale feijoas on a feijoa hedge together with the big one

The 3 monsteras in a shadowed spot near poles it can climb up

And the cherimoya


And today i planted the lemon guavas/yellow guavas/ araça amarelo (bought 2 plants).
Now i have an hedge of 2 lemon guavas, one strawberry guava. Should get a few more from other varieties for this row soon.

Also planted 2 small bananas