My mulberry and other fruits collection


Also got to taste a few more mulberries from the recent plantings


Small fruits but really tasty

Shangri la

Morus alba black fruits portuguese cultivar

Really good taste this one - possibly the favourite today


Today i eat my last fruit of white sahandarpur mulberry and was soo sweet! Yummy! And i eat some from Madeira Island mulberry and i like it very much too! :grin::yum:


This property is big and had a few neglected trees, and some big chestnuts trees that its taking a lot of space… i might decide to cut them or heavily trimmed them down… pitty they possibly are very old trees.
Chestnuts are not great in this area and my family and i have.other properties in the north of Portugal where chestnuts are awesome (probably we have over 500 trees, very old ones/centenary), so this ones here wont be missed.
I want on this property only nice fruit trees, semi tropicals, berries, etc…

(Thinking about cutting all these down…)

A walk around the property showed me some cherry trees (probably the only one ill keep…), apples trees, pear trees and a few unknown to me…
From these next ones i think ill only keep the cherry tree. We’ll see

Apples, pears, unknowns that ill possibly cut out or trimm down and graft once i know species and varieties… Still deciding

I definitively wanna get a few more subtropicals and or exotic fruits like pitangatuba, grumichama, atemoya, etc… sharanpur/australian/white pakistan mulberry, himalayan mulberry, etc. I"ll get a few paw paw’s soon also.
Would like to plant also lichees, longans and maybe durian but not sure if they’ll survive here… @luisport what do you think?


Hi! Well you can try, but untill now i didn’t have success on more exotic ones. What’s your minimum temp in winter?


This is Arouca, so maybe around 5C no? Shouldnt be very different from Fatima Luis, i think

I have more land but is in Braganca, for sure subtropicals there wont work. Very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer (winter from -5c to 5c maybe and summer over 34c usually)
My centenary nigra is there though :slight_smile:
Also we have there a lot of fig trees, plums, marmeleiros, apples, pears, etc


We bought 10 acres of mostly farmland several years ago. There was a cluster of trees along the edge of the property that was terribly overgrown with vines. We cleared it out and uncovered some beautiful old pecan trees that have flourished over the past couple years since cleaning out the tree line.

There were a few trees that looked like mulberry trees, but didn’t fruit for the first couple years. This year however, they have gone crazy. Ended up with 6 total. 2 maybe won’t be around much longer as the trunk is rotting. They have been putting out fruit left and right the past couple weeks.

I was looking at them this morning, and was curious why they have different leaves on the same branch. I did not see an answer while googling. Is that just how the leaves are for all mulberries?


Anyway, here is the big picture on a couple of them. Not sure how old they are, but I imagine pretty old.


Hi! Yes, mulberries can have those 2 type of leaves on the same tree. I have a few like that also


Beautiful trees


Well Arouca it’s not 5C, it’s colder… but if it’s like my weather you should try some sub-tropicals just on very sheltered places like below big chestnuts or others, or near house south walls. You should plant several pawpaw varieties, rare apple like red ones, jujubes, amelanchier, nashi, etc. Regarding sub-tropicals try lychee, cherimoya, cold avocados like bacon, zutano and ettinger, exotic citrus…


Thanks Luis


There are more… as i remember i will post like Che fruit, but choose a grafted tree…


Yeah i know about Che :slight_smile: will try that one also.
Tomorrow i probably go to Viveiros do Lima and Cantinho das Frutas Raras in Braga and peek some goodies :slight_smile:


Weather in Arouca through the year

Winter lowest usually 2C, medium summer 26C, but sometimes over 32c


If you go to frutas raras you can try jabuticaba, uvaia and some rare species of araçá. Don’t try grumichama or pitangatuba to plant outside. Just to plant on pots inside home.
You can try pitanga red and black, jambinho and other hardy ones… you can hask there!


Cool i will, thanks about the advice regarding pitangatuba, because i was going to buy that one!! Its not hardy enough to be outside is it?


Yes that’s it, but it’s a great great fruit! You should get one on house or very protected place… it’s a must have fruit! I just love them!


Ill still buy it but ill keep in the house, like an house plant right?




A few more today
. Goji
. Medlar tree
. Guava tree/psidium guajaba
. Kiwai
. Hardy kiwi wiki, male and female
. Hardy kiwi kolomikta Annikki
. Another Hardy kiwi Issai