My mulberry and other fruits collection


I would love see all your fruit trees in production someday.


You didn’t go to frutas raras?


I had no time today Luis, ill try tomorrow afternoon if i get time or next week
Im afraid if i go there ill loose my head with their varieties ahahah


Me too Tony, i"ll have to wait now


You bet you will loose your head! One that is a win win option because it’s very hardy is Rio Grande do Sul cherry.


Is it different from Surinam Cherry?
Luis, make me a list of good options to buy


Yes it is. Surinam cherry is good too, it’s pitanga. The other is this:

Pitanga is this:


Hask there what they have more cold hardy… if you have any question you can hask.


All planted

Hardy kiwis + kiway


Guava tree/psidium guajaba

Medlar loquat


Had the chance to compare again mulberries from the Shangri la variety and the portuguese unknown variety.
So far the berry of the portuguese is 1000000 times better in flavour, shangri la is quite bland. Its their first year in the ground so i hope shangri la improves in posterior years
Shangri la

Unknown portuguese alba or hybrid
Fruits are a lot firmer and more tasteful, almost resembles the taste of nigras (but not there yet lol)

Other varieties still in early ripening: Oscar, Pakistan, white fruits mulberry, morus rossa, morus bombcys, wellington mulberry and weeping/pendula producing 2nd crop as well as Madeira mulberry


Did some weeding out/cut the weeds also on the property 1/4 done. Need to do the rest

Still to do:


And brought some cherries home, the tree is loaded


Very pretty. What cherries are those?


No idea… lol! They were planted by my grandparents who are no longer here to ask. I inherited the land


I think my dog wants to try it also lol


Have you seen anyone growing Madeira mulberry in the US please? I’m hooked!


Not that i am aware off


Some seeds just germinated.
. Kiwano melon

. Madeira cherimoya

Mother fruit

Still waiting for a few more sprouts (mangosteen, loquat, etc)


You ever try soursop? I like that one better than cherimoya. And how are you going to take are of so many tropical plants in Zone 8B?


Im in 9b
Never tried soursop