My Orchard Projects


They look great!!


Thanks @KSprairie it is always an exciting time of year for me and now it seems I have others I can share the excitement with! My wife and little girl love this time of year but don’t get excited about the same stuff I do… :smile:


I think a LOT of us on the forum share that sentiment. We get so excited about our orchard, gardens, flowers, etc. Not all family members share the same enthusiasm for growing things!! But that’s OK. It’s good to have varied interests in a family. I am so grateful to have this group of people on the forum to go to for help, advice, encouragement, and like you said - to have people to share your excitement with! Peach buds swelling… YAY!!! :grin:




Last night before dark (love daylight savings!) I planted 4 blueberries that I bought a while back that were potted. I planted them in the Orchard but had to take some apple tree sprouts back out that I had put there in January. I moved a couple of them into other spots in the Orchard and put the other 2 in pots. Things are about to start waking up across the board it seems! I will post some pics of some of the stuff waking up in the next post.


Tulip Poplar. This is a sprout of one that I planted almost 30 years ago at my parents house. I wanted to make sure that I had something of it here at my home but waited til just this winter to get a couple of them.

Next is my Jonathan apple tree

A Key apple

One of my peaches

Another of my peaches


A few pics of my quince (at least that is what I found out it was from here :grin: )


Some pics of my Anjou and Kieffer grafts. They have pushed some new growth and I know it isn’t a sure sign they have took but it is still pretty good in my mind :wink:


Also a pic of my grafting last night with my Bet rootstock! I grafted a Seckel, 2 Korean Giants, 1 Harrow Sweet, 2 Harrow Delight, 2 Hood, 2 Moonglow and 2 Orient. Well I can’t remember which of the Harrow I grafted 2 of and 1 of, so it may be thenother way around :thinking: either way I still have 10 more rootstocks to go for those and I will get more of each of those except Seckel for which the scions I cut from my father in laws where not optimal…

Still I had a good time and although I did the cutting of the cleft and the wedge, my little girl wrapped them tight for me and my wife potted them. Hope that we all did our job right as I really want these to take :scream: :grin:


I grafted 23 apples this evening (onto Bud 118) :+1: I have a couple scions that are suppose to be on their way or else I would have grafted all 25! I still have to graft 10 more pear rootstocks and the other 2 apples but I am enjoying grafting, well I am enjoying cutting the scion and rootstock and putting them together but not sure if they will take yet… either way a great learning experience!


I had an apple the other day (a Pink Lady I think :thinking: ) with seeds that had started to sprout, so I got them into a pot. Low and behold I have one already peeping up through the ground!


Wow, you’re gonna need more land to put all those trees! We have a 3 acre pasture sitting vacant, but I have drawn the line, no trees out there. But, I still have to find a place for 6 potted trees. Plus, I just bench grafted 4 more apples last week. So…

Your peaches look like ours, showing some pink buds. Hope they don’t pop open before it drops to 26 Sat night here.


Same temp predicted for Brownsburg VA. Plums in full bloom and peaches starting to open. Please dont let them all freeze!


My wild plum is still somewhat quiet, it has swollen buds, but not much more than that. But, a couple of my pluots have a few open flowers on them.


It is showing 29 or 30 for the low that night here and I may bring some or all the potted trees in :man_shrugging: I have a couple acres in that front field I am clearing and that will hold quite a few trees depending on how much of it I can clear by Fall :+1: Plus the area up my driveway where 7 other apples are right now may be where several of the grafted apples will go :blush: I have several seeds planted from last Fall in containers as well!

I did also throw a little fertilizer around last night because of the light rain we are suppose to get and the nice temps the next several days.


I also forgot that I planted a Mars and a Reliance grape vine in the Orchard :laughing: I have room for at least 4 more as well :+1:


Update on the sprouted apple seeds!

Few more popping up now.


Some different blooms of my peaches


Some of my pear grafts on my trees have started busting theough the parafim already!


I know this isn’t for sure that they have taken but it sure is a better sign that it not doing anything :relaxed: