My Orchard Projects


I also put posts in the ground for my new grapevines yesterday evening. I got some metal posts this go around instead of wood hoping that they will last longer. I also planted an Einset seedless grape vine beside of the Mars and Reliance. I still have room for 3 more grapevines in that area but after that I will be maxed out there…


Finished grafting my last 10 pear rootstocks this past evening. So I now have 20 potted pear trees on Bet, the first round of 10 has a few already showing signs of life! Now the wait begins for these. I still have a couple more apple rootstock left and I am waiting on a couple more scions to arrive that these are reserved for :+1: After that I will have my rootstock grafting done for the year but I still have some grafting to some trees to do!

Truly, I am enjoying grafting season!


@Poncho65, did you tie your parafilm off at the end? I cant quite tell. Trying to improve my process :thinking:


No, the parafilm I used is staying on very well with me just stretching it and wrapping it. I do press the last little bit of it to make sure it sticks. Other than that I am new to this so who knows if I will have sucess or failure in the end… :man_shrugging: @Rosdonald


Also I need a pic for an update but my cherry tree cuttings are looking kind of rough now :man_shrugging: I brought them outside hoping that it might help them when the weather was cloudy and rainy but they look aboit the same as when I took them out. After I get a pic this evening or tomorrow I would love to hear some feedback or ideas on it…


thx for info!


Does anyone think I might have gone overboard…? :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming: :laughing:


Maybe you don’t have enough?? I bet a lot of us look less crazy to our neighbors with there perfect inedible lawns right now


Here is an update on those 2 cherry tree cuttings. There is still a chance for them but not sure if they will make it or not…

Zoomed in a bit more close on the bigger one.


Totally look less crazy at the moment :laughing:

I live in the country though and the planned orchard won’t look to out of place by the road. It will face a pretty good sized farm that is across the road from me.


I am thinking… that’s a LOT of holes to dig or mounds to build to get all of those planted! I always think more trees is a GREAT idea… until I go out and have to prepare places for them all. Then I wonder :roll_eyes:, “What was I thinking???” :dizzy_face:


It will be a lot of holes… :man_facepalming:

I have til late Fall/Winter to get it done.


That’s good, you can pace yourself! You must be excited to get such a large number of trees placed in your orchard. Once they are in the ground, things really start taking shape!
I am working on building mounds for me peach, apricot, apple and pear trees that will be arriving in about 3 weeks. I am only half done. The weather does not want to cooperate!


Hey Philip, When your not sure just how many trees you have that’s when you know you’ve gone “overboard”. :rofl::rofl: I am pretty sure that I have 221 varieties but have several trees of some varieties.:grinning: Have some “exciting” scion to graft this spring so I’m not done yet.:running_man::running_man:


It is for sure exciting! Good luck with ppanting all of those mounds @KSprairie ! I love the idea of all those trees and it would be awesome to have that many varieties and I will strive to have to many to count :laughing: @greyphase


Here the pics of my step by step of the topworking of my callery pear.

First is the before pics

Then I cleared out around it

Next I cut it down to size

Then I started grafting to it

Then finishing up and making all the grafts water tight

Now the wait begins to see how I did!


I also made some raised beds today. I had enough 2X10s to make 2 of them but I had to buy the wood for the other 4.

Now all I need to do is put cardboard in the bottoms of them and add dirt. That will be for another day. I am just glad to have finished making them!


Do you dig these in at all or do you have them on the surface? I should have used cardboard in more of mine. Despite digging a couple feet down and tilling the dirt the grass still is able to push up 12 inches and sprout


You might if it keeps raining!

Wow, that’s a lot of trees. Your cherry looks good to me.


They are just on the surface. I will line the bottom with cardboard and if I ever get enough I am going to put carboard between them and around the outside a few feet and mulch them.