My peach x almond clones

About a week ago, I decided to root a few peach x almond hybrid cuttings, and so far, the leaves have not wilted.

Is that just water? Have you rooted them before this way?

What kind of fruit do you expect from peach x almond?

It’s rooting gel.

I will use them as rootstocks for my proprietary stone fruit hybrids. I’m also going to use them as breeding stock for rootstocks and for new varieties; one of my goals is to create a self-pollinating almond just like the self-pollinating Independence almond (I believe it is 1/8 peach). Thus, next year I will cross my original peach x almond hybrid back to an almond, then back again to an almond or until I get a sweet and self-pollinating almond.

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I have seen in misting systems you can just about root anything. Some simple setups exist. Without misting I doubt they will root.

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itheweatherman. I don’t know if they will root or not but the cutting look healthy. Hoping you report back in a few weeks with roots and what kind of root jell your using. Best of luck with these, Bill

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I’ve stuck lots of dormant peach shoots in the ground and they leaf out and even keep their leaves for a long time, but never rooted. I hope you get better results with the gel.

Yes, exactly, it can be done with a simple misting system.

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Good luck Ulises. Does anyone know of crosses done to select for good quality peaches with sweet almond pits? I’d love to see zone 5 hardy peaches with almond pits on trees that live long like almonds do.

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What I’ve read is that peach x almond hybrids are hard to propagate from hardwood cuttings, thus, in order to make it economical, nurseries propagate them via tissue culture.

I will.
I’m using gel-2-root gel; I bought it at

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I’m also planning to cross my peach x almond hybrid back to a peach, then I will cross the peach x (almond x peach) hybrid with my proprietary plum x apricot hybrid. My goal is to create a peacotum with a hint of almond aftertaste.

Still no roots on my peach x almond hybrids:

This is the original parent plant: it’s a cross between an F1 nonpareil almond, seed parent, x Elberta peach, pollen parent.

This is the seed parent, my proprietary dwarf F1 nonpareil almond.

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…and this is what a peach x almond hybrid looks like! :kissing:

Itheweatherman, you have beautiful trees, we still have no leaves.
I have Reliable almond-peach cross from Raintree nursery. It is supposed to be winter hardy to zone 5 but I do have doubts about it. It has pretty pink flowers very early and they will be killed by our frosts in the most of the years. I think about it as a decorative tree for my front yard with the additional bonus of nuts in the lucky year. It is only in its second year so no nuts yet, but I saw some flowers in its first year of growth.

I doubt you will get any without misting. One thing to try is enclosing the cuttings, a gallon plastic bag, a 2 liter pop bottle with the bottom cut off. That may or may not work. It works with some cuttings.

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They are actually inside my greenhouse, the hymidity level is 100% and sometimes, temps reach up to 100DF.