My Raintree Order

Just received my first ever order from Raintree, and I was
pleasantly surprised. The pomegranates had much better
root systems than the ones I received from Rolling River. It"s
too bad they don’t sell more varieties. The plum had a nice root
system, but wasn’t as large as the ones I’ve gotten from Bay Laurel.
Everything was well packed, including the root stocks and they even
included a coupon for $10 off on my next order over $75. I’ve never
received anything like that from BL or any other nursery.


Yeah, that coupon is classic Raintree.


My first order to them must have been too large. They’ve never sent me coupon. They do pack their shipments very, very well.

I know Raintree got bad reviews from some of us here lately.

My last order from them was 2 years. The E plums were in great condition. I got $10 off coupon every time I ordered but I forgot to use it as I have not ordered from it on consecutive years.

I use the coupon too.

When are the rest of our orders going to ship?

You need to call them.

I received my order from Raintree today also. I was very happy with the condition and quality of the 5 cherry trees on Gisela. The root systems were super healthy with lots of fine root hairs. And the caliber of the trunks was also good ranging from 3/8 to 7/8 measured a few inches above the graft. I also noticed that my order shipped from Illinois. I guess they have a nursery there too for us easterners.
I also ordered some Gisela-stocked cherries from Cummins. I like the Cummins operation and the help they offer. But I have to say the quality does not compare to Raintree. The roots are small and lacking small hairs. The caliber ranges from 1/4 to 1/2 inch measured the same way.
All are in the ground and ready to wake up. Some were waking up in the box on the way here.

Andy, they truck the spring delivery orders for the east to Illinois and ship from there to reduce costs.

Muddy is right. Benowitz, the owner, talks about his shipping scheme here:

So are we getting the bone job on our shipping fees? Not that i have any other choice since Raintree has a lot that just can’t be bought elsewhere (tree monopoly?) …

I was told that their refrigerated truck takes eastern orders to Chicago,
then they’re distributed from their. Their shipping cost was cheaper for
more product, than I was charged by Rolling River. They’re also cheaper
than BL. Their prices are equal to BL, but a little higher on their poms,
than RR, but with stronger roots.

did you guys get a shipping confirmation from them? I’m waiting on an order as well.

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Starks had shipping for $3 on Pi Day… so i guess i got by cheap there.

I guess i’m spoiled by Prime. Obviously they’ve run the math and it must save a considerable amt of coin to do it that way (truck them to Chicago)… Hopefully we don’t get our stuff in May.

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No, you have to call. They don’t send out anything. That’s how I found
out that my order was on hold for some reason, and that’s why it hadn’t shipped. That’s my main complaint about Raintree. You have to do all of the work in making sure your order ships.

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I got my order in the time slot I picked . Root stocks only and my first order with them . Nice root stocks . I have bench grafted them all today . Had 10 each of OH x F 87 ,M 26 and ST. Julian . They sent a email when shipped and tracking number .

This is my first year I order from Raintree, all my 4 times order total 17 fruit trees
Some of them are good sizes,with branches ,well good system, some so little in sizes and few came just like walking
stick with very less root system and my bell Mac M27 Apple came so small just about the choptick Size but longer about 2 1/2 ft
I was not happy with it. But their products delivery to your door, especially some of their
Fruit trees you can not find them in some where else as maribell de Nancy, parfume the September ,
Or school house plum…I would give them B+ or A- that the most. Anything you should find in local nursery first
They have better sizes if you mind to carry heavy containers but maybe a lot faster time for fruiting.

Yes, I got email from the shipping carrier requested by Raintree with the tracking number or get a phone
Call from Raitree before they ship. But not on the last one. I still have a other one to come
In the mid of April. All come very well done packaging.

Raintree has always come through for me. No complaints.

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I’ve had the most success with Raintree too. I’ve ordered maybe 15 - 20 plants, all have come in great condition, I’ve had problems with only 3 trees and they replaced all of them with free shipping. Very friendly if you call them, offered advice on pluot pollination before I knew what I was doing.

I’ve also tried Rolling River, One Green World, Trees of Antiquity. Rolling River and One Green World aren’t my favourites. I had a peach DOA from One Green World but didn’t even bother to get it replaced. I’d rather deal with Raintree.

Trees of Antiquity is nice and has good selection but they always start selling out early. I need to remember to order earlier with them!