My "Romance series" cherries


This was CJ a few days back…I have Juliet coming from HF…hopefully this week. Sloooow…


Hmmm. Trouble getting the pics up! Re-try bc maybe I had too many pics that I tried to post. These are just the CPs and it’s evident which one is most sickly but the other one doesn’t look awesome, either.


If all of those are your Crimson Passion’s, they look good to me. They’re a lot bigger and better looking than the little twig I got from hbusa.

Oh, sorry, just saw your new pics. What are those in the earlier post? Whatever they are, they look very nice.

In your newer post the second one looks OK, but don’t know what’s up with the first.


Wow- did it die back and then regrow all in the same spring? Hoping this one can pull through. I added the pics of my CPs which are the only ones I can tell are struggling.


So sorry- only the healthy ones came through in the pics!! I just realized it and added the CPs pics. In my earlier post today only my CJ, Romeo, and Juliets came through, and I thought they we redoing fine but since I was reporting on all of my romance series cherries thought I’d post a pic of each. Maybe six pics was too much!!


I’ve never had this on cherry leaves where I am, so take with a grain of salt, but it looks to me like a sucking insect’s damage. I’d try an insecticidal soap or light horticultural oil, etc, if just using my own judgement.


Thank you! Will look into that!!


This is the picture of my cherry with moniliniosis one year ago. I would not say that they look exactly the same, but similar. Monilinia fructicola or Monilinia laxa can cause the fast necrosis of the young leaves and shoots.

Whatever it is, it is better to remove the affected leaves and to spray with fungicide and insecticide.Spray all your cherries, not only the sick ones.


The leaves also look deformed so it might be aphids as well.


Thank you!! I’ve never used a pesticide or fungicide- any recommendations? I’m going to take a closer look tomorrow to see if I notice any aphids or other insects, too.


Might be insects so I would check for that, but honestly I think it’s more likely just a new plant trying to get settled in and having a tough time supporting the above-ground growth until the roots get well-established. Don’t overwater it since cherries don’t like too much water, just make sure it doesn’t go overly dry, and I think all will be fine in a few weeks from now. My two cents.


Mine died back in the spring. It grew a new shoot that same summer and is looking fine now.


No truer words were ever spoken!!

When I got my Crimson Passion, HBUSA told me at the time they were a bit more “finicky”.

Here’s a shot of my CP’s, in the second one you’ll see the other CP behind and to the left is also pretty sparse. Some winter kill and otherwise pretty overall poorly performing bushes here. The tops of these are 8’+ BTW, and were planted in '14. (I thought for sure I’d get to taste Crimson Passion this year - DANG!) Neither plants seemed to be able to withstand this year’s winter nearly like the CJ’s. Zero die back on them.

But… off to the right and fenced in is a Juliet that I planted last year on 4/12/16 and (wait for it…) I had a few clusters of blossoms on that one this year. And they may still abort and not make a cherry, but at least I feel confident that they’ll make flowers - not so sure on the CP’s!

Unrelated (or maybe not…) here’s a picture of a representative leaf cluster from the Crimson Passion that I clothespinned to a Carmine Jewel a few days ago (when we had some sun!) just to show the significant difference I have here between the CJ & CP leaves. All the CP’s are large, all the CJ’s are small leaves.

Anyway, I guess there’s nothing else I can do but wait another year on the CP’s.

I will finish up by saying that I had two pieces of toast this morning with CJ jam that were outstanding. I think the CJ jam is best when it’s not competing with other tastes like peanut butter for example. But my oh my, as a stand-alone on toast… VERY good!


I’ve heard it over and over from several sources that the downside of Crimson Passion is that it is NOT productive.


I have noticed that with some jams. I have a blackberry-white currant, and it goes very well with peanut butter. I mixed my CJ with red currants, it made a very good jam.

So far it looks like CJ and Juliet are decent. So probably is Romeo, and Cupid too. Valentine is yet another. I have one CJ and one Juliet. I don’t think i need anymore.
My White Gold is loaded with fruits this year. These are my fresh eating cherries. i would like to add another tree. I have Glacier at my cottage, but the squirrels take all the fruit the last couple of years. I’m going to protect it, it also is loaded with sweet cherries. As is CJ for that matter. I just put Juliet in the ground, it is first leaf. I need a couple years to get a decent harvest.


I just ordered my Asian pear Seigyoku, but it came in broken,. Could anyone tell me what should I do now. Thanks a lot

. My order from "" I got my order less than 1 week since the day making order with Priority mail. I tried to email and ask for replacement, but they have no stock left now and no refund policy. I am still waiting for an answer.


I had a broken Goldrush apple tree I got in from Gurney’s in 2013. I sent them a picture and they replaced it. I went on ahead and planted the stub and it’s got some blossoms on it this year!


I want to give these two bushes every chance to shape up, but for the reasons you’ve both mentioned if they don’t pan out in a couple more years I will probably get them out of there. (Great excuse to try something else…)


If you have space, you could keep CP. From reports, the fruit is large and the taste is good. I have no space for non- productive fruit tree, unfortunately.


My Crimson Passion out grew all my bushes last year for year one. It grew two foot. It was about a foot when I planted it and last fall it was about three foot tall. Then the deer stuck their head in my cage and ate the tops! The fence I think is about four foot tall. I have some work to do yet to keep that from happening again. It’s hard to keep up with everything! I bought a 15 mile fence charger I want to get going but that is on hold for now. I’m still grafting and planting.