My "Romance series" cherries


I’d keep the roots potted in some moist soil.It looks like there is still some scion left above the graft.
Send them the picture if needed and try to get a replacement or something else.
If they don’t want the tree back,see about growing that in your yard. Brady


I asked for replacement thank you so much Jerry.


Thank you Brady. In case they don’t like to replace, I will keep this one because of nobody have this Asian pear Seigyoku or wait until next year to order. I like big, yellow skin with good quality pear. Do you have any idea about Hemese One?


My Carmine Jewel Cherry today.


I say that but if somebody offered me Cupid, i would take it!


As would I…


This is a shot from last year of the growth on CP, I cannot recall if there was any further growth past the date on the picture but it certainly didn’t disappoint in that regard.

I’ve been real happy with all of these U of S bush cherries that I have as far as rate of growth.

It’s just sort of a bummer to have a bush seemingly do so well, then not hold up over a winter, and then not blossom too. But I keep reminding myself that they’re really only 4 year old bushes (in ground as twigs in '14) so maybe I just need to be a bit more patient with this variety and maybe not compare them to the CJ’s, which for me have been easy to grow, quick to size, and thumbs their collective noses at old man winter…


I agree could any bush cherry be better than CJ? I’ve heard good things about Juliet but CJ is hard to beat.


I wonder if piling leaves as a thick layer of mulch for winter would help. It could keep the frost line higher and if the roots are less frozen it might help.


I don’t know the winter conditions for IowaJer, but I would be really surprised if root damage from cold was the problem. Last winter we had a 13 day cold snap in early December, with absolutely no snow on the ground. Average high for those 13 days was -15.2 C (or 5 F), and average low was -22C (or -8 F). So the freeze into the soil was severe, and I see this spring it killed my two peonies and killed my purple royalty raspberries right to the ground and quite possibly the roots too. But the cherries look fine.


They responded to me in early next morning. Give me 3 options and I picked the one refunding half of money and take care the broken one don’t have to send it back. I am happy with them. Brady.


A few pics of our Juliet and Romeo plants, both have leafed out nicely. The Romeo actually had a few blooms on it.


Yours look right at home there. I hope you get many years of cherries. My Juliet has one flower bud. I will hand pollinate it with evens probably because it’s at the same stage. I might get to taste it, but it will probably drop off or something else will get it. My Evens was just planted last year. It’s quite precocious. It’s three foot tall with about 300 flower buds! I think it’s on Giesla 5. My sixth leaf Mountmorency is about four or five foot tall and flowered for the first year. It has about 1,000 on it. Im further North so My romance bushes just have the first set of leaves poking out.


Thanks. We considered a Monty, but went with the bush cherries first, easier to protect from birds! I’m surprised your Monty took so long to get producing, I thought cherry trees would be fruiting by the second or third year at the latest.

Did you get your Evans cherry from hbusa? They’re the only folks I know who are selling it.


I could have. I bought from raintree and hbusa. If raintree doesn’t carry them than ya hbusa. I don’t have my Monty in the best spot. I have to many big trees here and I put my sweet cherries out in front of it. They took six years though to set a good crop. This is my first real cherry year. I think anyway. They sure did fill in with flowers. My Rainier has the sunniest spot and grows like crazy but didn’t set either till this year probably a million flowers on it. I cut a branch off the top of my Bing and dusted the flowers to flowers three different days on all of them plus hung it in a glass jug by the tree. The coons got the few that I had last year. I bought a fence charger to light them up for this year. I 'll probably drink a beer on a Friday night and sit on my deck to watch. I’ll have a 22 ready if it doesn’t work.


My tiny Romeo cherry.


Cp, 2 bushes, both 7-8 feet tall and a single blossom between them…

My solution,

Graft on some Juliet!

Left most of the other one but grafted juliet on 2 branches in case i decide to chop the rest next spring.


I was out having a gander at my two struggling CP’s a couple days ago, and while they have a fair amount of what I think is simply winter kill, equally disturbing is that there are several of these bare looking branches that when you get close there are tiny little leaves just starting to emerge. So I thought maybe they’re just heavy feeders compared to CJ, and I hit em heavy with 10-10-10 and then some liquid fertilizer high in N. But I don’t know, beginning to think these CP’s may well be more high maintenance than I’m up for. For some reason the phrase “All hat, No cattle” came to mind.


Nice! You taught those trees a lesson. Is it a winter kill issue or just takes forever to get producing?

Interesting about CP…i don’t have that one and probably won’t add it… My CJ set a ton of fruit.


Mine too, and the freshly planted Juliet, looks great compared to many of my other new additions. My sweet cherries set heavy this year too. Yes!