My "Romance series" cherries


Can someone please tell me the proper ripening sequence of all the varieties of cherries in this series, including Cupid and Valentine?


I do disagree, . Nothing gets me fuming like a company sending trees with butchered roots out in midApril when I can expect high wind and 100 degree days in May. Those roots have to support the top and there is no way they can move enough moisture to do it unless I butcher the top too even if watered enough to grow fish. That is why I will not order from ACN–they butcher roots and they ship too late.


Looks like Gurney’s has a new Romance cherry developed by U. Saskatch. Anyone know anything about this one?


Never saw this one before and eager to learn more.


don’t b fooled, i doubt this is u of s release. stupid name also… searched and i don’t find anything about it associated with u of s.


Huge Years of Research! More than 50 years of research has gone into developing cherry trees with cold hardiness, dwarf stature and good fruit quality. Wowza! comes from the same breeding program that brought you Carmine Jewel, Romeo and Juliet.

Seems to me like this variety comes from the U of Sask. breeding program. Of course, time will tell if it is worth growing.


If it were, wouldnt it have been released in Canada first? I emailed Bob Bors to see what hes got to say about it, he doesnt always respond quickly, so dont hold your breath waiting for more information…


They advertise it as “Developed at the University of Saskatchewan, Wowza! handles the cold and is a great choice for Northern growers. Grows in zones 2-7.

These cherries are huge - and bright red! Tart fruit bakes beautifully in pies and other favorite desserts. Color is so bright and rich - no dyes needed! Cherries have an excellent flesh-to-pit ratio, so there will be plenty to enjoy. Its elongated pit makes it unsuitable for most mechanical harvesters, which means that this variety will only be available for home gardens and u-pick operations. Dwarf plants are easy to manage - netting, pruning, and harvesting can often be done from the ground. Bred to handle cold weather, this is a great choice for Northern gardens.

  • Yield Yields up to 20 pounds at maturity.
  • Botanical Name Prunus fruticosa x Prunus cerasus”


Gurneys tend to change the names on varieties. I bought a couple honeyberries from them in the past thinking it was something new, but it turned out to be the same kinds I already had. At any rate, I don’t plan to spend $79 for a bush!


First think I noticed as well! lol


Remember Gurneys is working angles so you need to work your angles also if you want to order from them. Wait for the bush to go on sale for $59.99 then apply a coupon which I would use the yearly “Get $25 Off Any Order Of $50 Or More!” And even then your right that is a very expensive bush but I suspect worth growing.


Also remember the waiting game works as well eg romeo was the same price when released but Michigan bulb is selling Romeo for $18.99 each and have a $20 off $40 coupon! Michigan bulb is Gurneys and Henry fields. Now I wait for Juliet!


Hoping to get some cherries off my 4 juliet next summer, for sure there will be seedlings the following year!


Try Honeyberry USA if you are OK with smaller plants. They sell Romeo and Juliet as well as CP (I think) and CJ. If you are OK with a small plant they are way cheaper.

I got a tiny Juliet plant a couple falls ago and planted it a bit scared the tiny thing wouldn’t make it through our combination winter somewhere between Kansas (windy, wild T swings) and Minnesota (frozen tundra and snow). But it was fine and was the size of a Gurney’s plant in a year.


got my CJs and juliet from them. were pretty good size 20’’-24’’. about 36in. now after a growing season, even after burning the leaves applying the wrong dose fungicide.


I got a Juliet from HBUSA, and it was huge! The main root was almost as long as my forearm and pretty thick- I had to dig a bigger hole than I was expecting. It was somewhere around three and a half feet tall I’m thinking, because now after one growing season at my house it is nearly five feet.


Did you see the photo in gurney’s of the wowza cherry next to a carmine jewel cherry in someone’s hand? Did that CJ look accurate to you?


Yeah The Carmine Jewel is a very small cherry. Looks right to me. I may remove mine, just too hard to process compared to Juliet. I may replace it with Romeo. The Wowza cherry looks like Valentine. Cupid is darker.


There is another thread here saying it may be a Valentin. I’m sure wowza is gurneys marketing departments attempt at increasing sales


I say F Gurneys and their stupid in house plant names…

Drew, how do you process Juliet? They work better with a stoner? I have a romeo in a bad location so it hasnt grown well, I might dig it up and transplant this spring… Should get a few juliet this year also!