My small fruit tree orchard


No, they grow very well. Avocado seeds grow fast!


The Good Book does say in the age to come every man will sit under his vine and his fig tree!


Well, that i already can do! Thank’s! :smiley:


Well i don’t know what is causing the pigmentation… and i don’t know if the fruit will be true to seed, but the seedlings are very red since the first day. If i got any fruit some day i will get the nutrition profile and analize it.
It’s West Indian race… so no cold hardy at all. I will grow it on pots untill i can, and then will plant it on a protected place and pray for the best! :pray:


My red flesh apples…

Red Devil flower buds (first time)

Baya Marisa flowers

Redlove Odysso flower buds (first time)


Apistar apple

Grossa di Trento apple (first time flowering)

Gamboa (Quince variety)



Navel orange

Chandler pomelo


I like petunias. And also the little S.African flower, forget it’s name at the moment.


Thank’s! I didn’t know the name too… :wink:


I think “gazania” is the name of your other pretty flower.


Luis can we see some pictures of guava’s? When do your plumeria’s bloom?


Do you want araçás or real guavas? My guavas are on real bad shape. The plumeria is on a pot and still small but i will take photos.


I want real guavas but would love pictures of your aracas! Do real guavas not do good in your area? They are possibly my favorite fruit. When would plumerias normally bloom for you guys?


No, guavas don’t do well here… i will show it. But araçás are really really good!
I just know plumerias on Madeira Island… i will try to have it here.


In my mind plumerias will do excellent for you, i was wondering if guavas could take your area. I really need to live somewhere guavas are happy.


Well i live in an area that can reach -3C one year in 5 year interval, and that guavas can’t stand. I ive far from coast, but there you don’t have this kind of temperatures. But our best area to tropicals besides Madeira and Azores is Lisbon area and Algarve. There they produce avocados and mangos.


Hostas… :heart_eyes:


My surinam cherry (pitanga) flowering…


Hostas are edible…and I bought 6 last Friday. 4 “Sum & Substance” and 2 “Blue Angel”.

The Sum & Substance can grow just fine in full hot sun…big ole leaves.