My small fruit tree orchard


Good because my last year pitangas and uvaia died :frowning:
Grumixama is barely alive.
Cherry of rio.grande is alive and getting new leaves now but still quite small.
All araças are fine and flowering and so are the feijoas :slight_smile:
Maybe i should self polinate the feijoas to get fruit, right?
Today i put 3 more bigger uvaias in the ground and 2 more pitangas. Will give them another go :slight_smile:


You just have one feijoa? It’s a great fruit, you should have more…
Cherry of Rio Grange grows very very slow… Uvaias and pitangas should survive… but sete capotes will do very well. Mine is on unprotected place and survived to one terrible winter that i got -6.5C!


I have 5 feijoas medium to big size :slight_smile:
All flowering
THen i also have like 50.seedling feijoas, but these are tiny yet

Last year photos :slight_smile:


Then you will not have any problem to get fruits! You don’t nead to hand polinate them… just if that’s an activity you like… :grin:


This are sete capotes fruits from last year… :yum:


Lots more great pics @Luisport I am always amazed at the different varieties of fruit I ever knew existed :fearful::grin:


Thank you very much my friend! Some of them are rare like sete capotes… i love to grow rare and diferent fruits and vegetables.
All this takes a lot of time to lift off and start to produce, but i’m starting to see it now… :blush:


The effort looks to be worth it :+1: Hope you get fruit off these for many many years and generations to come can enjoy!


Thank’s a lot! My climate zone is 9b and yours? What do you grow? :smiley:


Zone 6b I grow apples, pears, cherries, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, strawberries and apparently Juneberries (thought it was something else but it has started to fruit this year and was IDed here :laughing: ) I also have a new nectarine and plum tree this year. As well as a couple of figs, I have tried them before but it was in ground. So, I am going to try figs in pots and see how it goes.

Most of the stuff is still to young to fruit but I am starting to get trees and bushes big enough to finally get some fruit :+1:


It’s a lot of fruit varieties, that’s great! What’s your lowest temperature?


We get close to 0 degrees F most years. This year was an exception! Never got even close to 0 but some years we have been well below 0 around -10 degrees F. That rarely happens though and for the most part Winters aren’t to overly cold :+1:


Oh! That’s really really cold… i was hasking because i thought you could have -10C… with this temp it’s possible to grow feijoa trees… in France they resist to -12.5C.
Thank’s! :+1:


No, unfortunately it would be to cold in the winters here for a feijoa tree. I would also like to grow a tamarindo tree but to cold for that as well… Maybe if I ever strike it rich I can build a very big greenhouse and grow them in that :grin:


I don’t have tamarindo… do you know how much cold it can take?
Thank’s! :blush:


They grow it much father south than where i live but not sure about a zone. You may have a zone warm enough to grow them though :man_shrugging:


Thank’s! I will see it…


I just try the first leave of my new Piper sarmentosum cuttings and i like it. It’s aromatic and good flavour… nice!


You grow so many interesting things, Luis. Thats what I like about this forum: I can learn about new varieties of fruit I already know AND I can look at exotic fruits and vegetables that I didn’t even knew existed!


I love this plant! It’s hard to grow where I live but we can buy the leaves at the Vietnamese grocery store during the summer shipped in from Florida. The aroma and flavor are brilliant for those beef wraps.