My small fruit tree orchard


Our new balcony decoration… :smile:


More new balcony decorations… Now we have to get new plants… :smile:


This is strawberry tree (arbutus unedo) fruit bread developed by Leiria University. They use fresh fruit and flour… It’s great and a bit sweet… :yum:


I just got my Red Center Lime! Great looking plant… :smile:


Spelt and sweet potato flour bread… Yummy! :blush:


Our new Red Center Lime. It is a cross between the Finger lime and the Burmese Rangpur lime. :heart_eyes:




Mine died.


You should report it to the seller and request a new plant or the refund. Explain that your graft died. I never got any problem with him, even my pandan plants that i bought during the covid closings, he sent new ones without my request for new ones.


Musa Dajiao and Rajapuri leaves




Amêijoas à bolhão pato and Muralhas… Excellent choice Luis!


Podes crer! Só nós por cá é que sabemos o quanto é bom… só faltou serem ameijoas das nossas… infelizmente tiveram de ser das baratas mas para a próxima serão das verdadeiras! :+1:

You bet! Only us around here know how good it is … next time will be the true clams … unfortunately they had to be the fake ones, but next time they will be real ones!




Everything looking good @Luisport :+1:


Thank you my friend, but just on photos. I got some things burned by several days of 40C temp… we are getting used to it.


Stay cool! It is very hot here as well but not as hot as that! Most of my fruit was killed off in the late cold we had. I am just trying to maintain the bushes and trees for good growth this year instead.


We didn’t got the cold temp we are used to last winter, maby just +1.5C. The usual min temp here is -1C to -3C.


Kumquat flowers :blush:


Baya marisa red flesh apples