My small fruit tree orchard


My citrus on full bloom and fruit



@Luisport, what is that large fruit that reminds me of a spider closing up over its prey?


I’ll answer your question,since it’s about 2:30 am in Portugal right now.The name is Buddha’s Hand or the Fingered Citron.


Yes that’s it… Thanks :+1:



Luis, what is your temperature now.


The max temp is 18 to 20C. The min temp is 5 to 7C.


Great, thank you both!


A friend sent me this guava… :yum:
Wow it’s amazing!


I just got one Lola apple tree and one Worcester Pearmain apple tree… :sweat_smile:

This is the Lola apple:

Apple variety Worcester pearmain - YouTube


I continue to harvest feijoas and purple araças, that’s incredible!


Love to see that you are still harvesting things this late in the year :smile:


Yes that’s great. We didn’t get any frost yet so this tropical trees like araça continues to get fruit. :+1:


Cymbidiums starting to bloom


I just got one Brownlee’s Russet apple tree… :sweat_smile:

Brownlee's Russet Apple: How Blossoms Look Like In Spring? / Allotment Fruit Orchard - YouTube


And i just received my apple trees from Orange Pippin!
Great trees and fast delivery…

1 Ashmead’s Kernel, 1 Fiesta, 1 Kidd’s Orange Red, 1 Red Falstaff and 1 Surprize! :sweat_smile:

Picking Kidd's Orange Red apples in September - YouTube


More flowers… :heart_eyes:


One of the last orders, they won’t be able to ship to mainland Europe after 12/31


Yes infortunately… is due Brexit. Maby this will be only on transition period and in future they return to do it.