My small fruit tree orchard


Tamarillo harvest… A lot of them! :sunglasses:


…while I am stuck with apples and pears from my garage. You should be banned for the constant provocation with the neverending harvest of fruits I can only dream of haha


LOL… sorry… :grin:

but apples and pears are very good… :blush:



Like the lockdown is not bad enough, we also have to drool over these gorgeous pictures every day!

+1 for ban! :rofl: :yum: :rofl:


Please don’t be bad with me… :cry:

At least you see pretty pics! :grin:


I pick my last purple araças today… very late this season. It’s impressive how a single tree loads so much fruit for so long… :sweat_smile:


Our dear Rosa :heart_eyes:


I’m sooo happy! I just got 2 Cripps Pink apple trees, 1 Rubaiyat, 1 Crimson Crisp and one Shipova pear tree! Thank you soo much to a friend… :grin:


Tamarillo liquor and jam on the way!


My tea plants continue to flower




Merry Christmas to all my friends here!


When I learned Dec. 25th honors the re-birth of the SUN god,
and not the early autumn birth of the Son of God,
I quit the practice.

Anyhow, enjoy your Lusitania winter…it’s way too cold tonight here to keep the sheep in the fields
or have a naked baby outside.


It doesn’t matter the dates or other secondary things. The only thing that matter is the love we share and unite us all… and the hope that one child gave to world and all children give to humanity.


They say the Gnostics through the best parties and were just excited for the sun to win the battle against the dark every day. If Jesus hung out with them they couldn’t be all bad though. If you dig into each holiday you find some interesting stuff


Oh, I have over 50 years worth of experience “digging” but most of it probably isn’t suitable for here, so I’ll hush before somebody decides to throw a flag at me. You can send a p.m. if you like.


Well that doesn’t matter to me, I’m catholic and I believe in Jesus.
Merry Christmas everyone and be happy!


Sum and Substance hosta is one of my favorite hostas. I have a hilly area and a place under some pines and I planted over 250 hostas in those areas. I will probably plant more next spring.


Merry Christmas @Luisport I wish everyone well and hope that eveyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Sum and Substance can handle full sun…try it sometime.