My small fruit tree orchard


I have about 6 or so of them. I am going to order more in the spring. Not a lot of places have them available.


Thank you very much my friend. Merry Christmas to you and yours! :+1:


Merry Christmas Luis!


Thank you very much my friend!
Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends! :smile:


Merry Christmas, Luis! Thanks for sharing your beautiful orchard with us throughout the year!


Thank you very much my friend! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
I like to share with people what i have, the same way i love to see photos of other orchards… it’s an inspiration what i see here from other members. :+1:


Merry Christmas buddy!


Merry Christmas Richard, to you and yours! Take care and stay safe! :+1:


I just saw that my “Purple Bliss” finger lime is full of tiny flower buttons… soo happy! :heart_eyes:


Big frost today


What was your low temperature? No damage, I hope!


Hi! I think it was -1,5C. I don’t expect any loss. Just tamarillo leaves, pepino melon, guavas and avocado leaves burned but no plant loss.

I’m very happy with my new finger limes already with flower buttons! :grin:


My new apple trees already planted…

Ashmead’s Kernel, Fiesta, Kidd’s Orange Red, Red Falstaff, Surprize, Pinova, Rubinette, Rubinette rosso, Gala…


New peach and nectarine trees…

Peach: Redhaven, flat Paraguay

Nectarine: Fantasia, Big Top


Nice size and branches on those new trees


Thanks. Rubinette, Rubinette rosso and pinova are great trees


My new trees just arrived… :smile:

2 Cripps Pink apple trees, 1 Rubaiyat, 1 Crimson Crisp and one Shipova pear tree! Thank you soo much to a friend!


My goal… :blush:

Shanley Farms Wants To Bring A Weird New Fruit To Your Grocery Store — Shokunin - YouTube


My finger lime plants :blush:

Purple Bliss with flower buds