My small fruit tree orchard


They are very beautifull plants! :grin:

Some of the available varieties…

OZ Finger Lime | Varieties


This will be my next one… :crazy_face:


Brrrrrrrrrrrrr very very cold here… -2C where i live. It’s forecasted snow here on sunday morning…


I just got one Citrus wintersii (Microcitrus Papuana) and one Wild White Finger Lime… two rarities! :grin:

Microcitrus papuana - YouTube


I’m very happy, some of my apple trees just arrived!

I’m going to plant them… American historic ones by the way… like arkansas black, king david, black oxford, pink princess, hidden rose, pink pearl, etc…
See you later!


I just did it! I planted Worcester Pearmain, Lola, Askansas Black, Black Oxford, King David, Hidden Rose, Pink Pearl, Purple Passion and Pink Princess! :grin:

I don’t understand this label


What kind of tea plants are those Luis?


Hi! They are Camellia Sinensis var. Assemica.


looks to me to be either:
Pink Passion
Purple Passion

on that label :roll_eyes:


Thank you very much my friend, i think it’s purple passion and i discover there are one apple variety named purple passion so i think this is the one… :+1:


A real good friend sent me this inga pod today!
So impressive, soo sweet like cotton candy… :yum:


What a friend! I’ve been fortunate to have tasted ice cream bean too and it is indeed quite yummy!


Yes it’s from Madeira Island… it is soo good! A pity that people don’t know it…


The texture is as much fun as the taste If I recall


It’s a pity that we can’t eat or use the seeds…


First time see this fruit,very interesting. Thanks for posting it. BTW you have a lot unusual fruit tree collections


Thank you my friend! I love rare fruits and this one is amazing! Not mine but already planted the seeds… :blush:


Is your climate very different than Madeira Island?


Hi! Yes very! They have places where temp never go down of 5C and max temp in winter is between 22C and 15C.


The one he had sent you is GIGANTIC, bigger than the ones I see from Hawaii.