My small fruit tree orchard


I just got a rare Scottish variety of red flesh apple, one Bloody Ploughman apple tree… :grin:

Apple ‘Bloody Ploughman’

This is an old variety from Carse of Gowrie where a ploughman was shot by a gamekeeper for stealing apples and this apple arose from one of the pips. It is a very distinctive red and ribbed apple. The flesh is stained pink when very ripe and has a crisp and juicy, light taste. It’s season of use is from September to November. Flowering Group 2.



Nice one! :+1:t2:


Thank’s! It’s very beautifull and it seems they taste great! :+1:


Luis, when do we graft. At the marche today there were fruit trees for sale and berries too. From kiwi, to pomegranate, to apples, cherries and peaches. No apricots though. Do we graft in February? If so I will need the scion wood by then. Thank you so much!


Hi! Well i don’t know… i don’t graft. Better to hask some one who know it…
When you nead just tell me.


Just wait for the rootstock to wake up from dormancy. I would say mid March for Uzes would be ok. If you plan to graft apricots be careful about late frosts. -5C will kill most of the non dormant buds. If your rootstocks are in ground I would start a bit later just because of that.


Thank you my friend! :+1:


I think February is a good time (the first week).


It doesn’t get that cold here. 56-58 F today!


The trees are in flower by then. Too late!


That looks like a pink fleshed calville blanc!


It’s great isn’t it? Very beautifull! :grin:


Some of our bacon avocados… :blush:


I’m very impressed with my tea plants Camellia Sinensis var. assemica, because we got more than two weeks of frost and cold temp and they are very well, like nothing is going on… :+1:


My pitaya cutting S8 starting to sprout :grin:


This time of year?


Bacon avocado should be picked on March but with this big frosts i have to harvest now to save them, but i let some on tree on more protected spots.