My small fruit tree orchard


Two pomegranate trees flowering…

Ugni molinae flowering…


and our five dogs! :relaxed:


Great video!


I’m growing sweet potatos to harvest leaves and tubers. It’s very important to eat sweet potato leaves because they are very nutritious, even more than his potatos. It’s the vegetable with more polyphenols and with 25-30% of protein!


My 7 feijoa trees all flowering…

Li jujube

Araçá roxo



My araçá do campo is PSIDIUM LONGIPETIOLATUM. Is very rare. The leaves are heart shape. I love them, they have a lemony sweet taste and produce a lot!


Araçá do campo


My aracas got sun damage :frowning:
Maybe because i planted them in full sun straight from the pot. Hope they bounce back


No problem with that! They don’t have no problem with sun damage, they will recover. The problem is the cold. You have to protect them untill they adapt.


Yeah Luis, in fact a lot of the new plants got sun damage… all leaves are dry but the bark is still green.
The aracas, the feijoas and the pitangas. Transplant shock.
Fingers cross they ll bounce back.
The mulberries on the other hand are fiiiiine :slight_smile:


They have to be well watered, but in principle no problem!


Do you have araça boi Luis, in brazil they call it also araça/fruta iogurte, ive heard that mixed with milk it really tastes like yogurt. Wanna get this one.


I try it for several times but it died in winter… i give up! I have uvaia, it’s awsome! I like it very much!


That’s what i want to do… great videos on grafting avocados!


Avocado fruitlets

Carambola flowers

Tamarillo fruits


Chal Chal (Allophylus edulis)


Chaya mansa


Tropical apricot (Dovyalis abyssinica)

Big thai jujube small plants

Java plum (Syzygium cumini) + Red guava

Juá-açu (Solanum robustum)


Juá-açu video

Tropical apricot video


My Sete capotes (Campomanesia guazumifolia) starting to flower… :smiley: