My Yard Renovation

The yard renovation project that I referenced in the “General Fruit Growing” forum My New Project is starting to come to fruition (excuse the pun). I measured the yard, drew a plan, and found a local handyman service that I trust to do the work. They removed the lawn and quite a bit of dirt with it last week and replaced it with screened decomposed granite. Tomorrow they are coming back to compact it and start assembling the raised beds. Here are some pictures.

The lawn area that is being replaced.

The plan I drew:

The raised beds are from Northern Tool Company and come in a number of different shapes, but generally look like this:

The fountain that will be in the center of the circle of pavers is this one:

It will be on a pedestal for added height.


Let the fun begin! Thanks for taking us along on the adventure. I look forward to seeing how it shapes up - and fruits.


The yard renovation is finished. Here are some pictures.


Looks gorgeous and neat! Sometimes i find the small elevation changes more dangerous than a bigger curb but if it ends up being a issue maybe you can put some thin stone and sand or continue the brick around the fountain!

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Wow! That all looks so very nice and well put together! I have been talking with my wife about putting in raised beds for veggie gardening this year and see how we do with that method vs the more traditional tilled garden. Your approach to it looks so much nicer than what my mind has came up with though :blush: :+1:


Your yard looks great! Good use of space and still plenty of room to get around in it.


Yes, being able to get around in it easily is important to me. I’m getting too old to do contortions :wink: It was kind of funny, though, when the handyman and his helper were assembling the raised beds. They were afraid that I had ordered way too many because before they were all lined up nicely with soil in them, it just looked like a huge pile of shiny metal. I was a little worried myself, even though I knew from the plan that it would work.

I also just got this book called “Square Foot Gardening” that is supposed to help maximize your yield for the amount of space you have. I’m looking forward to starting it.

It will be interesting to see how the 12 fruit trees that are planted in the square beds will do. I haven’t done this high-density planting method before.


I took some new pictures this morning. I’m really happy with how it has turned out, and how productive the garden is.


I just found out my yard renovation won a state-level and national-level award from California Garden Clubs, Inc. and National Garden Clubs, Inc. They come with a little bit of prize money. It’s kind of gratifying to have my work recognized in that way. :joy:


Congrats on the awards!! That’s pretty awesome to get recognition for something that you never intended on getting recognized for!

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This is so awesome! I wish there was more of this and less emphasis on turf grass in front yards. Maryland just passed a law saying it can not be required anymore. If you read the article, this family’s HOA spent $100k fighting them. :flushed:


That was a really interesting article. So glad the HOA lost.

Where I live, it’s just the opposite. I would say that 80% of the people who live in my town don’t have lawns. It’s due to water always being in short supply, and the fact that our soil is beach sand, but mostly the water. If you actually have a green lawn, people kind of give you dirty looks because of how much water it takes to maintain it.

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