Myers Limbertwig?

Huh? A Green and Royal? What is the difference?

There’s a lot of good accumulated information here in GF about Limbertwigs, most notably in this topic. Lee Calhoun’s “Old Southern Apples” is perhaps the best printed reference, and I consider it worth having in any case.

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Tom Burford’s book is still in print and a good guide to the limbertwigs. He does note which ones have the classic limbertwig flavor. Whatever that may be as I haven’t grown any to fruiting age yet.

Century Farm Orchards site has photos of different Limbertwig apples. Some Limbertwig apples ripen at different times, different colors, and some do better in different growing zones. They all seem to have a distinct apple taste that makes them all in the Limbertwig family. Some weep or the limbs droop more that others. ( thus the name LIMBERTWIG)
BTW the Green Limbertwig is not green. I think it is probably named after the person’s place the tree was found on.

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