Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


Good info Bob, also we already have a variant, Long stem, and short stem.


Nadia sucks. Mine is in third leaf and hasn’t done sh!t. The only thing that’s bloomed on my Nadia tree is the flavor grenade graft I put on it.


If Nadia is somewhat slower to produce than a typical plum then it really isn’t that big a deal. If it is just temperamental in general then that is a bigger issue. We really can’t say either way yet given how young everyone’s trees are.


I’m used to waiting. When i first put fruit trees in we went into the polar vortex when 3rd leaf, and none fruited 2nd leaf, so it was 4th leaf before I saw any stone fruit on my first 5 trees.
I have had fruit on Nadia, and it works for me, 3rd leaf it produced a few. Looks loaded in fruit buds, I’m happy. Takes a bit for fruit to mature.


I am wondering if I can use the Nadia pollens to cross with my Bing cherry and vice versa. I would love to grow out those seeds.



Give it a shot, Tony.

I just pollinated a section of Nadia with Flavor Punch pluot and a section with Black Pearl cherry. I’ll grow out whatever seed I’m able to get from that.


Mine just opened a few flowers today. I too will be using other pollen. I have a ton of pluots and White Gold cherry. My Nadia is covered in flowers, hundreds of them.


It can work. Zaiger created the famous Verry cherry plum by crossing a plum x cherry hybrid as the seed parent and a cherry as the pollen parent.


I’m sad because I’m not going to have Nadia fruit this year. Both of my trees bloomed but none produced fruit.


Sorry to hear, yeah a little worried about mine setting fruit so I’m going to throw all kinds of pollen at it. Collecting most this morning.


I have a bunch of buds that should pop after the rain moves out. I too will be throwing pollen at it.


My Nadia looks to be producing similarly as the last two years.Not much need to thin. Brady


I guess I just needed to call out my slacker Nadia online to get it motivated. It’s got Flavor Grenade, Flavor King, a little Sweet Treat, Burgundy, Santa Rosa and Methley Plum all blooming nearby, so we’ll see how it does. Not a ton of bee activity on it, but some (the bees are too busy with the Lavender to visit the fruit blossoms too much).


Last year, my few Nadia fruits were eaten by the birds. I managed to eat a portion from the fallen fruit with bird bite and it seemed okay, no hint of cherry only plum.

This year it is loaded. Hope to taste them on their journey to over ripeness.

American plum is shown below as the recently added (actually added very late) but it has some nice growth. It likes Nadia!


Nice fruits set Joe. What pollinated it?



I am not sure but I grafted all over the tree and maintain small branches of the following plums: Autumn Gold, Autumn Giant, Autumn Jade, Asian Beauty, Golden Japanese, Burgundy, Emerald Beaut, Dolly and American Plum so far.

It is also planted next to a big Royal Rainier Cherry (95% of the canopy, about 16 ft tall and 12 ft wide) with multigrafted other cherries on it maintained small branches only (5% of canopy). There’s a long bloom overlap with Nadia and my cherries. Nadia’s peak bloom is two weeks early but it lasts long to have nice overlap with my cherries.

I wish to add Summer Treat Pluerry and Candy Heart Pluerry but their patents hasn’t expired. Any other pluerry that I can use whose patents have expired? I have bought Sweet Treat and Candy Heart and they’re planted far from Nadia.


Do you mean Sweet Treat? I thought maybe another was developed! Well for a minute.
I grafted Lavina, Laroda, Howard Miracle, and Spring Satin unto mine. i won’t really know if they help till next year. SS and Laroda do have flowers though this year.
Nearby I have Satsuma, Vermont, Toka, and Superior.

I collected pollen from some pluots to try hand pollination, Honey Punch, Fall Fiesta, Ebony Rose, Crimson Royale, Flavor Supreme, and Dapple Jack


Yes, I meant Sweet Treat. Thanks for catching that. The description says it’s a good Summer fruit, ha ha!


I may steal the name for a grown out seed! I was thinking Drewot® though! :heart:


Will you charge $51 for them, lol?