Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


Ha! Maybe for two of them!


Sadly I don’t think my newly bought Nadia tree is doing too well. All the tips of the tree have shriveled and look like they are dying and the new leaves are also withering. It’s been a bit of a bummer to this otherwise awesome weather that the Valley has been having.


Mine are just getting ready to bloom. lots of blooms… Can’t wait until i taste that delicous sweet cherry flavored plum :wink:


LOL! I noticed today the blossoms are quite fragrant. I now have 2 sub species of Golden Currant. Crandall, and a species type with red berries instead of black. It is also called the clove currant because of the very fragrant flowers. looking forward to smelling them for the first time. I just put in two of them in the city, and a couple more at my cottage. last year I put in Crandall and it has a few flowers forming now. Berries are black on this one. Looking for the yellow fruited sub-species.


My Nadia (4th leaf) for the first time has a good set. It was blooming well last year and probably would have set well, but it got frozen out. Hopefully this year I will get a good crop.

All my plums are setting well this year. I think I may have removed my last bad setter so all I have left is good setters :smile: Oh, there is still one not setting very well, AU Roadside. Gotta hack that one out!


My Nadia has a lot of flower buds with white showing just today. Sweet Treat looks the same right next to it, and so is Beauty not to far away. Satsuma should lap all my cherries.


Scott, could you please tell us your list of good setters.

Thank you.


I tried to find any info about this plum variety online and got nothing. Did it fruit for you? If yes, can you please describe the fruit and ripening time. Also, do you have any info about the provenance of this variety? Thanks!


I would say most plums are good setters, its more the few bad setters you need to get rid of. Here are some bad ones I remember (this is all in eastern conditions of course): Flavor Supreme, Santa Rosa, Mariposa, Elephant Heart, Howard Miracle. These all originate in California. I was surprised how bad AU Roadside is, Alabama should be more like my weather. Some California plums setting well include Weeping Santa Rosa (night and day compared to Santa Rosa), Satsuma, Flavor King, Flavor Grenade, Wickson, Emerald Beaut.


Indeed it is newly introduced to the exchange and I have come across it this year and grafted it promptly. Here’s the description of its fruits from the label that was in the exchange.

Autumn Jade
“Asian Plum developed by Jim Doyle, fruit breeder. Medium sized, oval/heart-shaped green plum with golden flesh that’s crisp but juicy when mature. Hangs on the tree well into November. Excellent flavor and texture. The highlight of the late plum season.”

Joe’s other info:
grafted 2018 to the 150-n-1 tree on Sprite, also to Nadia and Krymsk 1 all showing vigorous growth
Japanese or Asian Plum, P. salicina
Skin Color: green to yellow green
Flesh Color:gold
Harvest Date in Zone 9: 9/12-11/1. Good keeper on the tree!

Very similar description and characteristics to Autumn Gold and Emerald Beaut both of which have long harvest dates and are good keepers on the tree, and they sweeten up the longer they stay on the tree until birds learn that they’re ripe while yellow green and eat them all.


For us here, the fruit set of the Weeping Santa Rosa is very lousy, too few a fruits while the regular Santa Rosa often breaks branches if not thinned out. Weeping Santa Rosa has better flavor than the Santa Rosa.


Well I don’t have that much experience, but Dapple Dandy sets like crazy for me in Michigan. Dapple Supreme might be a way to get some of that FS flavor in a decent setting fruit. I would like to try that one. Anyway DD sets well and is a very decent pluot if you ask me. Seeing you’re in MS, what works for me, and I would say for Scott too probably has little bearing on your location. I suspect many bad setters here, would not have that problem in your location. You may have other issues like severe rot to deal with, or insects etc.
Joe’s post above mine shows how location matters.


Dapple Dandy is a good fruit setter. It needs proper ripening on the tree to get a good flavor. You’ll have to keep sampling until the bitterness of the skin is gone, then it would taste fabulous. It is not of a good keeper on the tree as it shrivels if you leave them on the tree for very long.


Yes, I did notice when picked early they are not very good.

Here it is, hangs forever where like Flavor King just falls off. All gardening is local as Farmer Fred often says.


We have very hot and very dry air during the summer, after all, we’re technically in a desert.


My Santa Rosa here in Mich. blooms late and sets just a few in the past. It’s just starting to bud swell, whilst my other plums are starting to bloom. I’m hoping there will be blooms left to get my first real set but it doesn’t look good right now. I will have blooms on my Nadia. I’m hoping it fruits. Lots of good lap blooms with it.
Edit - It appears now that the flower buds are all dead on my santa Rosa. It’s strange because Toka, and Beauty branches are all full of buds ready to bloom.


My first plucot was a Dapple Dandy. I have it grafted on everything. Have two bee hives and will have more than I know what to do with. Have lots of friends that want to get to ferment them. The seem to be very easy to graft. Bought a Nadi last spring. I thought it was a cross with a European plum. Only tried to graft it on my Stanley Plum. Can I graft it on to all my plucots, Nectarine peach and Aprium?


It’s crossed with Asian plum, and yeah you can graft it unto those mentioned.


Nadia can be grafted on peach and nectarine?


Thanks for mentioning this as it needs clarity.
I can’t say for sure, but Asian plum can, so I would say yes since plum genes seem to dominate.