Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


Hopefully, someone with Nadia on peach and nectarine can chime in to confirm.


I have my Nadia planted10 feet from my Lapin, Santa Rosa plum and Sweet Treat Pluerry. My two bee hives are20 feet away and I have 5 Mason Bee Hotels. Gotta have nice weather during bloom and everything is just fine.


So mine dropped every flower and its sending shoots out at the end of the tips so i hacked it back about 50% …looks like horse ____ but hopefully it comes back.


My Nadia tree is dead =( it never took root at all and steadily wilted.


Mine is forming fruit, but many could still drop off. If they don’t it will be loaded to the gills.
All my stone fruit is loaded this year, which is normal for here.


Is yours growing in the ground? Have you tried it yet?>

All my container trees were heavily damaged it would seem. They must have dried out too much overwintering.


I might get some on my tree. I think most will drop off. I see they are not dark green.


Yeah not a good sign. The tree seems to do that, as did my sweet cherry trees. Nadia was beautiful this year, covered in flowers, spurs all over the larger branches even. My White Gold cherry is the same way this year. It has hundreds of fruits, now to keep them! Spraying again tomorrow! I pruned the tree to net it properly. I need to spray now too. I should have taken a photo of Nadia, I did of White Gold though. Photo taken May 8th. Nadia looked better than this one, still pretty though. A little past full bloom, notice the leaves.


Very nice looking cherry tree Drew.



Thanks KGB pruning although I’m modifying it. Not all laterals were removed, many were though. I’m at the point I’m supposed to stub cut the oldest scaffolds. What I’m going to do is stub and graft. Eventually ending this pruning method. I can still do it though. If you look dead center at bottom, you will see a tag, that is where 4 grafts of Utah Giant were placed. All appear to have taken.
Looking for more in the future, will start a thread of what I’m looking for.


Will you wait until petal fall to spray? i do!


Yes, that photo was from May 8th. Nine days ago, flowers are just about gone.I will spray today or tomorrow if all are gone.



Just a general question, will PC died once bitten on a fruitlet the was recently sprayed with Spectracide once and done aka Malathion or it will only died with the direct hit with the spray.


It should have at least 30 hours of staying power and kill any thing that touches it. If it was delivered in an acidic spray.


Not sure but some sprays have curative ability…meaning they soak into the fruit and kill the egg…i know the neonics and a few others have that capability.


Fingerprints in the first picture. I have started giving my plums the squeeze test also to test for ripeness.


I’m starting to get some early Nadias now, ones that have a worm in them so are ripening early (somehow the OFM just loved the Nadias but ignored all the other plums nearby).

So far I am very pleasantly surprised at their flavor, it definitely has some non-plum flavors in it, things I never tasted at all in a plum. I’m looking forward to trying some non-buggy ones soon. I am picking them only when soft, the hard ones I tried were not very tasty.


The best way to tell if they are ripe is to use the charmin “squeeze test”. If they have very little or no give, they are unripe. If they have a little more give then they are probably ripe enough. If they soften up too much they will have a watery mushy taste. Avoid this if you can. This is from my experience.


Great advice. Thanks


I made a similar comment last year. It didn’t taste like a cherry but it didn’t taste like a plum either. I have a light fruit set but so do all of my plums except flavor King. Which is heavy. Yes slightly soft as Rich suggests is the best time to harvest. You can ripen on the counter further if so desired.