Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


My Nadia started to ripen. It is short stem type as you can see. It is an early plum, my beauty plum is ripening at the same time.


Nurseries in local Seattle selling all long stem Nadia except Raintree. I don’t like ordering Nadia from Raintree because of chopping the top too much. How can I find the short stem one around to buy. It’s really not easy at all men. Hihi.


The taste of Bing cherry much better than Nadia. Today the holiday having time go to get one Bing and one Liberty apple for the new place.


Sounds good! I like cooking as much as gardening.


They never did that to my trees?


I think i’m going to container grow a bing and cover it after it sets fruit. Get me some cherries not full of brown rot and birds.

At least i don’t have to look forward to Nadia… hopefully there are some better releases down the road.


You will need a pollinator for that Bing cherry. Van, Lapins, Rainier, and Black tartarian are most used. Of those I think Lapins is your best choice up there. Lapins is later and is more crack resistant than Bing. Both are better than Nadia. I like Nadia for being different, flavor is good, not great, has mild cherry flavors mixed with plum, its definitely not a stand out top tier fruit, but I did not expect it to be either. Good luck with your cherries!


I bought one acre land with manufacture home on it. It had 2 Rainier cherries, one of them almost die. I will plant my Bing for replacement and pollinating with each other.


Great news! Rainiers are at there best in the state of Washington. Also jumbo sized! Enjoy your acre!


I have White Gold and Glacier at different locations. I like them both. Glacier is still not ripe. Both I like just fine. I may add another one of these days. Truth is I like the tart cherries better. I like that flavor a lot. Carmine Jewel is awesome, I added Juliet this year.
Ever try wild black cherries in syrup? Absolutely to die for!

It’s this kind of flavor you just can’t get from a sweet cherry.
I should make Carmine and Juliet in it’s own sweetened syrup, as I can’t afford this product very often anyway! A friend of mine introduced this product to me. He uses them for mixed drinks (Manhattans). Makes you laugh at candied cherries after tasting this.


Was anyone ever able to successful graft a sweet cherry to Nadia? There was talk about trying it a while back.


Nope. Mine failed. But I do have Flavor Grenade, Shiro, and Toka grafted to mine.


I have Spring Satin, Lavina, and Laroda grafted to mine.
On Satsuma I put Toka, Superior, and Vermont. Excited about all of them!


I grafted Stella sweet cherry to Nadia. It took at first with a few tiny leaves, a few blossoms almost bloomed. It sputtered with barely any growth in mid Spring then shriveled up and later died. Most of my other 15+ grafts, pluot to plum, nectarine to peach, worked out.


No go here grafted to lapins


Exactly what I had with White gold cherry grafted on Nadia.


The reason sweet cherries won’t graft to Nadia is becuase Nadia probably doesn’t have a lick of cherry in it. Lol. Someone probably found a sport of small dark plums growing somewhere and made up a story about it being crossed with cherry.


@itheweatherman, did you ever find the patent that shows the parents of Nadia? What about Candy Heart Pluerry?




I don’t think there is any reason to doubt that Nadia is crossed with a cherry as other similar crosses certainly exist… but as with those others Nadia appears to be far more plum than cherry. What surprises me is that there aren’t more crosses where someone has created a plant that is 75% or more cherry. At some point you would expect to see a fruit emerge that is basically cherry-like though perhaps retaining some of the more favorable plum traits.