Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


I think you are correct. However if it gets back to tasting like a cherry it will likely be a cherry, including size.


I saved a number of Nadia seeds to plant to see what happens as they bear fruit in a couple of years or more. Will the pluerries near by concentrate the cherry flavor? Who knows, it will be a long term on going experiment. Various pluerry and pluot seeds will be planted too.


We need new Nadia with 75 % cherry in it Rich.


Candy Heart Pluerry parentage is:

Seed parent: ( plum x cherry) x unknown pollen.

Pollen parent: Apricot seedling.


I plan on growing out some seed too. I want a hardier plum. I find Nadia and the pluerries too small. After harvesting my sweet cherries I don’t need a bigger cherry. Cherries as is work for me. I would like to improve taste and size of Nadia for a plum that works better here.



Since it’s supposedly a 50/50 plum x cherry hybrid it should be compatible with cherries, but it’s not. And Zaiger’s Zee dwarf rootstock, a 50/50 plum x cherry hybrid, is.


Hi Drew,

The largest of my Nadias were about 2 inches in diameter, some were smaller. If they grow in clusters they grow smaller. They should be thinned if you want larger ones, medium plum size.


Yeah mine seem to have variable sizes. Starting to turn color. Another nice cherry feature, early ripening! None of my other plums are even close to ripe.


I have also suspected this.


I don’t think so, at least somehow Nadia leaf looks like between cherry leaf and plum leaf mixed.


I agree, it looks like a cherry too. The plum genes are very dominant it appears. As with other crossed. Anybody add cherry to a pluerry?


Updating our Nadia. Take long time to ripping.


They will probably be ripe around late-September.


Mine are more ripe, but the birds are poking at them, argh! I think mine will be ripe fairly soon. I didn’t have many, and they keep being knocked off by animals. Too few to protect. Now my Flavor King is loaded! (well for here, DD has three times more, I had to thin it)

Flavor King


Nadia looks dark colored but it is still very firm. How long did you wait until you picked it? How soft it should be? Buy the way, the stem is getting “shorter” or rather less visible as the fruit swells. You can compare this picture and the previous one to see the difference.


Reaching matured size and changing color. It’s stem still looks long.


Let them get almost black and they should give a little to touch. They take their time ripening, yours look like about 3 more weeks. Don’t let them get to soft, they become mushy quick. This is what mine looked like when ripe between 19 and 20 brix. Hope you enjoy yours!


Thank you @fruitgrower! I have to be patient at least two more weeks.


Escrow office can not close out for my new place yet. Some problem happened during the process. Hopefully it will go through soon. A lot of my plants stay in line waiting room for planting.


They are performing very well in Seattle for the first year old Nadia cherry plum tree so far.