Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


What pollinator did you used?


I have Mariposa and Beauty Plum trees nearby but they will be removed next winter. Nadia may be not having pollinator next Spring.


Mine is almost ripe, still firm, most are smaller than this one.
The birds are checking for ripeness too!

Then I have this one branch that produces different looking fruit.No wax bloom on the fruit either. Kinda looks like a giant cherry. Has more stem than other fruit.

Photos taken seconds apart.


It will be ready when it has a very slight give. If it gets a little bit soft it will be too late and becomes water logged for some reason. Just a friendly warning. Ripe and crunchy is ideal.


Try it before the birds get them.


I picked and ate my only one that stayed on the tree,today.There was a slight softness and didn’t want anything else taking the fruit.
The flesh had a bit of light red in about half of it.I liked the taste. Brady


I’m going on vacation Thursday, so it will be harvested by then if not sooner. I could let it counter ripen. Thanks @RichSV , I saw you posted that before, will do!
When i saw the redder fruit my first thought was it was not as ripe, but it is not changing color. I now think it’s a sport. I’m going to tag the branch just in case it is. Only one fruit on it. It is redder than the others ever got, no wax is interesting, and longer stem too. Vincent’s fruit looks red, but his has the wax, as did my other fruits on my tree, when they were more red than purple.Same with Antmary’s.

Mine only has a few other fruit this year left, I’ll leave one purple and the red while on vacation. I’m just going to my cottage and will come back during vacation to cut the grass and harvest blackberries and blueberries.


I tasted very firmed Nadia last night, 27 gram extreme sour and crunchy. Too early for tasting. It’s not ready yet. Hihi


It needs to be purple and a little less firm. If you chill them right after picking the cherry flavor will be more noticeable when you eat them. I noticed that before I made the rest of my fruit into jam.


I tasted early because squirrels ate a lot of my methley plums and figs but they did not taste my Nadia yet. I still have more than 10 of Nadia. Waiting waiting another 3 more weeks.


That is very interesting Drew…!! I think you have both the long and short stem versions on one tree. Don’t be in too big of a hurry to taste these things esp the long stem version. I think you should wait until the fruit has a little give to it. Vincent just ate a very unripe long stem fruit. This must be a sport of the short stem and could ripen at a later date. Your fruit looks like Vincent’s. It may not color up dark like the short stem version. Give it time to see what it’s going to do.

Great find. You may have solved the mystery…!!


Yes, it looks like Nadia likes to throw sports, they even may be different. Maybe I can get Vincent to send me some scion to make a better comparison. It does look like the nursery Vincent got the plant from propagated a sport, sort of. It’s unusual for multiple sports, but the tree itself is wierd anyway. I took some more photos.
A third fruit, short stem.

Another photo of the one long stem. Not that long, but less diameter, and certainly longer, and the color is different too.

I actually think this is a third variation. The tree is mixed up, throwing all kinds of sports. The stem is not as long as on Vincent’s tree. Yet longer than the other fruit on my tree?? Also the only example of one with no wax bloom (like cherries, also the dots are common on cherries)).


It may be that the hybrid is unstable. Maybe something good will be thrown off somewhere. Hey maybe even a fruit that tastes like a cherry.


They should market something like that! :wink:


I’m thinking about the sport with long stems and the possibility of it being easier to bag if so inclined. Might be more time consuming than I would want to take on.


I think I’m going to call it Natasha, [quote=“Auburn, post:1879, topic:197”]
the sport with long stems and the possibility of it being easier to bag

Yes, it would! I really didn’t think Vincent’s was a sport, but now I’m fairly convinced it is.[quote=“fruitnut, post:1875, topic:197”]
Don’t be in too big of a hurry to taste these things esp the long stem version

Yes you’re right, even if beyond good just to see how different they are. Luckily before I even grew fruit I knew patience, having waited 30 years for one of my cacti to flower. Waiting 2-4 years for fruit is like a short nap!


:grin: And another 1000 comment thread is born, haha!


Dang, even fruit genetics are unstable these days. What is this world coming to? :confused:


I wonder if this is why Zaiger never put out a 50-50 cross? Not stable?

@Vincent_8B make sure you leave some on a long time just to see final color. I really do not think my sport is going to turn black/purple. It’s softer than the others already.

How many times do you get to see the very first fruit of a new cultivar?
@itheweatherman hey down the road a few years, let’s do some scion swamps with our hybrids and sports (I have both hybrids and sports)

BTW the sport is on the branch I used Flavor King pollen. That scaffold has the most fruit, the second most fruit on a scaffold I used Dapple Dandy.


“I’m a cherry…No, I’m a plum…No, I’m a cherry… plum… cherry… plum… :grimacing: