Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


Those look a lot more like a cherry than the short stem version. I would love to graft that to my Nadia long stem this winter. Would you like to trade scion wood this winter? I have some really good fruit varieties you may be interested in. Hope you enjoy, they look great!


Just message your address and when would you like to send out. Maybe from Nov to Mar. I will send it to you. I do not need any scions Jon.


Thanks so much Vincent, I will message you in December. Hope you like it!


I will be very busy to clean up my new place 1.24 acre and remodeling job for a long period of time before come back to planting.


Our long stem Nadia fruits are very juicy, sweet, soft, cling stone, more plum flavor than cherry… for the first year . We give them 8 in 10 fruit quality scale and will keep it as permanent family fruit trees. We like them must better than average Japanese plum such Methley, Beauty or Shiro plums. For some reasons maybe picking too early… Brix below 20 on the taster


I considered Nadia cherry plum will be successful well performing organic fruit tree in US Pacific Northwest marytime wet weather. And perfectly harvesting time from early to mid of August. No chemicals use at all. For the first year with some fruits. It has very good shape. Growing upright slightly spread habit with shinny leaves… There for Nadia is not only excellent fruit trees but also ornamental tree for beauty garden landscape. We are so happy and very appreciated to Nadia breeder so much .


It takes about 5 years of fruiting before all the pests find you. Most anyplace, the first year should be easy with little problems. Hope though you can grow them the way you want.
OK, I was on vacation at my cottage. I had to come in a few times to water, and I picked all the Nadia. They were fantastic. I myself give them an 8.7 out of 10. Maybe it’s the photos, but mine were blood red, one of the deepest reds I have seen. No doubt this fruit is teeming with anti-oxidants Very sweet too. I didn’t test brix as I ate them at my cottage. My wife is a good judge and she thought they were winners.
I’m happy with this fruit, others appear not to be, which is fine, we are all different.
I think they have a slight cherry flavor, but you know they don’t taste like plums either to me. Maybe after I try other plums, I’ll change my mind.


Hi Drew,

Did you save any pits to grow out some hybrid fruit? I saved some pits from Nadia and Candy Heart, a bigger winner to me as far as flavor goes. Branches of both were nearly crossing when pollination occurred. It will be interesting to see what happens when they start growing and eventually bear fruit, let us hope.


I need to try the Zaiger crosses, no room though, one day!. Yes, saving pits. I hand pollinated mine and the branch i used Flavor King pollen had the most fruit. So thinking that would be a good cross too. Anything though could have pollinated it, i didn’t protect flowers. Have you tried the other Zaiger pluerries? OK, Saw you like Candy Heart the best, good info, thanks!


I tried Sugar Twist, it is fairly bland. I did not care for it or have cravings for the flavor of it. Sweet Treat is in the same category as far as flavor goes, but it does make a good raisin substitute when dried. Candy Heart is by far the best tasting one. I actually rate it ahead of Flavor King, both were tasted within the last couple of days. Candy Heart has a pleasant flavor combination of watermelon, cherry, grape and cotton candy. It is fairly juicy and slightly syrupy. The flavor is not real intense but pretty sweet with a brix of around 23 . I rate it number one as far as plums and pluots that I have tasted so far. It does not taste anything like a plum, that is my favorite part of it.


My Candy Heart were no where near that good. Doesn’t compare to the best pluots and it’s puny to boot.

To me Candy Heart tastes like Splash only half as big.


You must have had problems growing it, give it time. It is much better than Splash, I tasted a Splash sample last week. As far as size goes, not everything grows bigger in Texas, ha ha! My opinions are just that, my opinions. They are no more important than anyone else’s. I am just sharing MY results. Sorry to hijack this Nadia thread but here are some photos of my Candy Heart results. It is too bad that we cannot share the actual taste electronically, we can only describe it with words.


Does it have any apricot flavor?


I did not detect any apricot flavor. Many, if not most pluot varieties do not have apricot flavor even though they are part apricot. Flavor chemistry, or whatever you want to call it, between, plums, apricots and cherries is a mystery to me. It makes no sense that you can get so many flavor variations by mixing just plum and apricot.


You are right, even those Velvet Apricot series, which are half apricot, do not even taste like apricots.


This is the final color of long stem Nadia latest pictures.


I’m waiting for my Flavor Kings. I netted them yesterday, also netted Satsuma. I have about 30 of each. I love Flavor King, top of the line fruit! It’s been a great year for me this year.


When does your FK ripen?


I’m not sure? I only had one crop before two years ago and I failed to note harvest date, which reminds me to do so with the corn I harvested today. They are just starting to turn red.


My are so green, (only 3) and small. If I go by Dave Wilson, it would be late Sept.

Everything this year is late. @alan tae his Easternglo nect, Shiro plums, Saturn peaches, etc. Mine still are not yield to a light squeeze. We did have wet and cool spring into May. That’s why I could not planted watermelon in ground. The soil was not never warmed up enough for it.