Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


Similar here but obviously not so much. Had to wait much longer to plant tomatoes than expected given conditions in early spring. I placed peppers in wet cool soil and watched them languish for 6 weeks- thought they might be permanently stunted- but once soil warmed they began growing normally.


Yeah the Northeast weather is way different from my weather. It has been bone dry all spring and summer, and still is. Everything seems early here too. As DWN says late september for FK, I see mine ripening earlier. Mid September. I netted tree as I have 9 different pluots on one tree, and some are just about ripe, FQ and DD.


Nadia in Fall season.


Thank you for your report Vincent. My 2 year old Nadia was doing great, very lush, and turned out the deer thought all of the limbs made a great tasting salad. They left 3 tall vertical limbs, which continued to grow above deer browsing level. However, that growth is so new, I dont know if it will bloom next year. At least I got a bowl full of Sweet Treat, so not all was lost.


Your Nadia will bloom next Spring for sure. My Sweet Treat didn’t have any fruit yet. When I have time will move some of my fruit trees to new place but that place have deers come over very often. I will update my fruit trees later next year.


I’m thinking of crossing Nadia with my Luna Peach x Almond hybrid just for fun. Well, I’m just curious to see what would the leaves and fruit look like.

Watch, the hybrids would probably end up looking like a plum, even if I use the peachmond as the seed parent, just like every plum hybrid.


Vincent, deer are my biggest problem. I almost quit growing fruit trees because of them. It takes a lot of expense in fencing. My current best effort is 6-foot-tall wire fencing around each tree, between 6 foot steel fence-posts, and I add finer mesh plastic fencing in places so the deer cant push against the fence and pull branches through. It’s more work maintaining the fence and area around the trees. I mulch either with tree chips, free from local arborists, or leaves I collect from neighbors.

My current thought is that they don’t usually browse branches above 6 feet high, so I prune off lower branches to limit attractions for deer, and let the higher branches grow. They don’t seem to eat above 6 feet on peaches, cherries, or plums, (or lindens, or mulberries) but might on apples. Especially if weight of fruit pulls the branches down. If I fall off a ladder and kill myself picking fruit, at least I got a few.


Yes, probably, I’m growing a few seeds out, well trying to, stratifying still.
My best guess is Flavor King or Dapple Dandy as the pollen parent. Could be Satsuma too, but now I don’t think so as one report with only satsuma resulted in no fruit. I have Lavinia, Laroda, and Spring Satin grafted unto Nadia. Next to it is Satsuma, Vermont, Superior, and Toka. Hopefully that will help with Pollination! Weeping Santa Rosa is nearby too.


A few of my Nadia seeds are starting to germinate, one has a 3/8" long tail (root).They are in the refrigerator surrounded by a small amount of slightly moist potting soil. A couple Candy Heart seeds are starting to come to life along with a Summer Punch plumcot seed from Family Tree Farms, fruit bough from Trader Joe’s.

At what point should the seedlings be potted? Do they need full sun during the winter? This is my first attempt at this.


I usually plant mine as soon as they sprout and put them under lights. So when they break the surface they see light.


Drew, I had some Fall Fiesta in September/October sold up here at Sams Club in Clarksville, TN that were outstanding. Would love to get one of those planted. Super late variety that it is.


Yes, it might be too late for here, I guess we will see :slight_smile:


Dave Wilson Nursery only sells that variety to commercial growers, it is not available to us home growers.You could order Flavor Finale. It is also an outstanding late variety pluot. I ordered one though my local nursery last November, they usually need a lot of lead time. Try growing some pits from Fall Fiesta. I did that with Nadia (see photo). It probably crossed with Candy Heart when it blossomed. The leaves are so bizarre. They do not look like plum or apricot or cherry alone, they look like a composite, kind of mulberry like. Normally the plum leaf would dominate, in this case cherry/apricot looks dominant.


I have Fall Fiesta and maybe will get fruit in 2018 or after that.Brady


That looks very interesting. I hope it does well for you.


I’ve been reading this thread about Nadia that goes back almost two years with great interest as I planted my Nadia (Cherry-Plum) cross three years ago, and have struggled to get any fruit to set, only having one Japanese’s plum tree (Beauty) to cross pollinate. As I live in Washington I’ve decided to contact both Biringer and Brandt for definative answers as to what will polinate the Nadia. I got the answer if anyone is interested??


Why leave us in suspense? What’s the answer? I haven’t gotten any set yet, but also not much bloom. Mine’s near 3 pluots and I have Howard Miracle, Shiro and AU Producer in the yard.


Candy Heart Pluerry is a great pollinator for Nadia.


While that’s interesting as Candy Heart isn’t one of them of the ones Brandt Fruits mentioned. I spoke with Kevin Brandt since Brandt farms in the only grower in the US with a patent license to propagate Nadia according to the A.I.G.N. They in turn can grant propagation license’s to other growers, like Biringer. Which by the way, I called them and spoke to the brother and sister owns and then had no idea which varieties would polinate Nadia, only saying that any Japanese plum would. I told them that’s not my experience or others, as I have a Beauty right next to mine and it blooms to early to cross polinate. I’ve also found, and mentioned to Kevin Brandt, that many nursery’s that buy the Nadia, don’t have a clue what polinated it lol


Here is Kevin Brandt’s reply to my email about a definitive answer to pollinators of the Nadia (Cherry-Plum):

Hi Richard,

There are actually 4 definitive answers to your question. They are:

· Black Amber
· Fortune
· Anne Gold
· Aphrodite

This information is based off of genetic testing performed by our partners in France and is very specific to these 4 selections. We too have struggled with pollinizers outside of these and are currently using Black Amber with good results. Attached is a picture of fruit off our test trees in the Yakima valley with very good results.

Nadia (now trademarked as Branchberry®) is a fickle variety to pollinate, but with the right pollinizers and an abundance of bloom, the possibilities are there. The selections is very good for the home grower as the true flavor of the selection develops from tree ripened fruit. Fruit harvested too early and allowed to ripen off of the tree never truly reaches its full flavor profile. My kids love the selection and look forward to the fruit every year. I am hopeful that you will too.

Please let me know if I can assist further. Good luck and enjoy.


Kevin Brandt