Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


I also thought the new trademark name “Branchberry” was unusual lol.


Mine pollinated last yr without any of those. I have a number of pluots and interspecifics.


Mine too. But not a great set. i added 6 or 7 more plums by grafting… The parent plum Black Amber is a pollinizer? That is the parent plum which accepts Santa Rosa Pollen, i would try that one.If the mom accepts it, so should the daughter. My Weeping Santa Rosa should bloom this year.
Here I have noticed that sometimes plums take a long time to fruit, often will flower with no fruit when young.


I agree with Candy Heart along with Burgundy as a pollinator. My small Nadia tree had 26 fruit on it last season, probably many more this season. I successfully sprouted a Nadia seed late last year, see photo of plant to the left. Click on it a couple of times to zoom in on it. The leaves are sort of cherry like.


Thats pretty neat. I wish I had one. I see a couple that look like they say Candy Heart. What are the others? Two look like peach. Rich is going to have the new fruit that everyone wants, lol! I call first dibs on scionwood, lol!


Nice Rich, I will want wood off of those down the road! I was going to grow some Nadia out this winter, but got caught up in other plants, I should have anyway, I will next season.


Will you upload the picture he attached to the email?


The Nadia cross is already 15 inches tall! Here are some close-ups of the leaves. The edges are not smooth like a plum leaf, the shape is heart like not oval, the sheen on the leaves are cherry not plum like. The fruit, possibly next season?


Rich to bad you don’t have it in a bigger pot. That plant looks like it might get four foot tall with branches! You’ll probably have flowers next year.


Hi Rich.
All them look very good. Could you tell us how did you sprout them from the seeds. I would do it next year. Do you need to keep the seeds in the refrigerator for certain time first before seedling?
I still keep my very very cherry seeds in soil outside in Winter. Do you think they will sprout when Spring weather come? Thank You Rich.


Hi everyone.
I will send out the scions to you, just let me know. Thank You, Vincent.


This is the picture of my Nadia today. I will mail out the scions in March and I do not need any fruit tree scions for now because I am so busy with remodeling my new place . Thank You for all messages.


If you need scion massage me your address please.


I am over my head in scions this season Vincent but thank you so much for remembering!


I’ll have to take picture when I get home. Mine was in bloom before the freeze.


Mine is past bloom as well. Probably no fruit this yr because I didn’t make any effort to pollinate it. In fact this morning I grafted a nectarine low on the tree. It’s going to be replaced. Partly because it’s nothing special and partly because I’m moving to things that don’t need bees. It costs $160 to get in a hive of bumblebees. I like my nectarines better than any pluot or hybrid.


My last year’s Nadia fruits, I only get a glimpse of the taste. The birds were all over it, and so I only tasted a small portion of the fruit that the bird left. Tastes more like ordinary plum without the astringent skin. Am giving it a second chance and will protect it from the birds this year. I already started grafting other things on its branches but have spared about 75% of its branches.


my Candy Heart is still asleep while my Nadia is in peak bloom!


My Candy heart is in full bloom and my Nadia is about to enter full bloom in a few days.


I have always liked them better. I still like plums too though! Most people new to my fruit, think Arctic Glo is a plum because of it’s red colored flesh I guess? The taste is not like regular nectarines. And they called it a plum after eating them, had no idea they were nectarines.
Taste though is so subjective. I read today where Scott thinks tayberries are not as good as many other raspberry-blackberry crosses. Whereas I prefer them to the other raspberry-blackberry crosses. Half the posts I read on loganberry say it’s a plain Jane. The other half love them. With that in mind as I stated before, I like Nadia a lot. It’s really interesting that some people describe fruit as dull, but to me they are anything but dull. That much of a difference. I’m thinking growing conditions might be a factor here as i can’t understand how perceptions could be so different. I found Satsuma plums completely boring and almost tasteless. Out of all my stone fruit, it’s last in flavor. Maybe location of tree or just a bad crop, it was the first time it fruited. But then on my tree with 4 pluots (now about eight!) the best position was had by Flavor King. Yet to me Dapple Dandy with an eastern exposure, was way better, and even Flavor Queen (West) tasted better to me. It’s mild but very tropical tasting, almost coconut like. I could eat those all day. Anyway it’s taught me I have to taste the fruit myself. Relying on other peoples opinion is not working for me. Nadia doesn’t taste like any plum I ever had.
It could be just the crop as The nectaplum was very dull and boring it’s first two crops, and the third year it exploded in flavor and was my best nectarine. So who knows? I almost dug it up, and still may if I get another dull crop. I decided to graft all my trees, so nothing is being pulled out.
The good news is we can work the Nadia, or The Satsuma to fruits we do like, so it doesn’t matter what the original tree is, easy enough to change.
You mentioned grafting low, yes, you must do that for sure.

Is it possible to buy pollen instead?
I think it’s a good move anyway, I would do the same. Move to self fertile fruit.