Nazemetz feijoa graft

Look close and you’ll see some green :grin:These are finicky! But I have one good and one likely take out of 3- I’ll take it! On a young established seedling in the yard, now I just have to keep the dogs from plowing over it…image|690x920


Nice,it’s something I’m going to be trying soon,but the image doesn’t open,

@Bradybb ,thanks for pointing that out! I added it again. Bad picture, really, but it’s all I could get. I almost gave up on these taking and I finally started letting rootstock buds grow out, will probably let a few go for a while to nurse the grafts along. These are s l o w growing plants here, in the ground at least.

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What kind of grafts were done?bb

Whip and tongue. Scions wrapped all the way, I considered shielding them with foil and maybe should have but didn’t. I did three on this plant and three of another cultivar on another seedling plant. So far none of the other cultivar are showing any signs of life. The wood is very soft and wasn’t the easiest to get straight cuts. FWIW the one in the picture which appears the best is on a horizontal branch and all others were mostly vertical. All scion wood was healthy and not dried out at all, and these are planted in ground a good way from any water source and have gotten no irrigation except for rain.

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Did you collect your own scions? I am planning to graft some, but have never collected an evergreen scion like Feijoa.
Kent, wa

Best time for Feijoa grafting is late June onwards. Wood does not need to be dormant. Look for 70+ temps.

Of course, wood can be grafted green even for deciduous. Just that people don’t do it very much.

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Is this scion collection advice accurate? Should I collect scions that are green and graft immediately after snipping off the leaves?
Scion collection

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Yes, I think that is solid advice. I have grafted many Feijoa’s at the end of spring, when the rootstock plants are in full growth mode. You just take a scion from the desired cultivar, snip of the leaves, wrap it in parafilm and graft it on the rootstock. New growth should be visible after the summer with the first rains.


Lots of great advice there. Definitely need to remove most leaves. Thicker wood seems to take better.


Ok that is what I expected, thanks