"Nazemetz" Pineapple Guava

Several weeks ago I special ordered a “Nazemetz” Pineapple Guava (Acca sellowiana) from La Verne Nursery wholesale growers. Today they delivered it to HD in San Marcos and I brought it home. :slight_smile:


Nice plant. I bought ‘Apollo’ from a nursery here in Portland a couple of months ago, but they had let all their feijoa stock outside overwinter and all plants had major frost damage on last year’s new growth. The plant is growing now but will be stunted for a couple of years.

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Nazemetz fruit quality is inferior compared to good varieties, gritty flesh and low sugar. I removed two Nazemetz plants that I had.

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? Not in my experience here

Hi! I have been looking for Apollo. Any chance you have the nurseries number? I live in CA but I would love to order one of these.

Did you have a chance to compare Nazemetz fruit against other varieties?

Several. I grew it at my former home in Rancho Peñasquitos and was active with the San Diego CRFG at the time.

Do you remember (or have records of) specific varieties?

In addition to Nazemetz, I have fruited Apollo, Abbadabba, Albert’s Supreme, Flavia, Mammoth, Marion, Moore, Nikita, Our Best Round, Triumph, and a couple of seedlings, and all of them are significantly better than Nazemetz. Of those listed, Moore is probably my least favorite, but still better than Nazemetz, others are much better.


@Stan, was your Nazemetz from La Verne via a retail nursery?

According to my records, yes — La Verne via Home Depot.

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Drat. My plants at the former home were Edenvale, Lickver’s Pride, and Nazemetz – all air layers from a CRFG member circa 2003. Those plants have been removed by the new owner.

How’s the Nikita rank in your collection?

I want to grow a few varieties. I got to try some ripe Apollo this winter and they were fantastic. What are the top 3 recommended varieties and where can I get them?

It depends on your tastes and the climate you grow them in.

You know my climate… Unless there is another Richard that uses the same avatar over at OurFigs. And for taste, I have only ever had one type, Apollo and I loved it. So, guide me O Sage One!! :slight_smile:

Well apparently what I know about A. sellowiana cultivars is now outdated. @LarryGene might be the guy to answer for our climate. @Stan is out there basking in the central valley heat … but perhaps he knows some coastal CA growers?

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@Evdurtschi, you should reach out to Mark Albert who has been breeding Acca Sellowianas for 30 years now. His original trees were from the Santa Barbara region. You can PM me for his contact info.

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The ‘Apollo’ was purchased at One Green World. They had dozens in stock at the time, their website does show current in-stock numbers if you click down far enough.

Santa Barbara climate should be ideal, but you may need multiple waterings per week in summer. Cross-pollination by hand if no birds or bees frequent the bushes.

@Evdurtschi – in case you missed it. The cultivar list is out of date. I obtained my prior plants from the original sources.


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You can get Nikita and Apollo and few others from OneGreenWorld nursery. I just ordered Nikita as I have space for only one tree/bush (based on @Stan’s posts before). OGW says it needs a pollinator. I’ll have to test that myself. They will ship to CA

One Green World has been out of stock of Apollo for quite some time.