My Zaiger NectaPlum has a few flowers and flower buds left plus a lot of fruit sets.


Such a pretty tree!

Fruit set for me has been horrible, hopefully this year will be better.

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Fruit set on our has been terrible also. It gets one more year but if it pulls this crap next season its the axe.

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It does require feeding, esp. a source of potash in the prior year.

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Ate the first ripe one of the 2016 season today. Delicious!!


My Nectaplum went horribly wrong this year. Major thrip damage caused some soft spots on most all the fruit at least I think it was thrips. I am having some fungal issues as well on foliage so that could be it but I think it’s thrips. Anyway because of the damage again I think anyway lots of the fruit are dropping prematurely and have been for a few weeks. Is this a charecteristic of this variety or is the dropping likely due to the damage?

I would think damage. This will be the third year of fruit on mine and so far it sets heavy. I thin to about a fruit every foot and I may loose a couple but no different than a peach or nectarine. We like spice z it is a good white nectarine.

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I’ve been buying Spice Zee NectaPlums from a local orchard for the last couple of weeks, and I like the flavor. Very nice fruit. This year is their first substantial harvest of Spice Zee.


I’ve never heard of this fruit tree. Does it need a pollinator? What does the fruit look and taste like?

Here are a couple of photos of the fruit from a year or two ago.To me,the flavor is like a Peach,not much Plum.They are self fertile. Brady


Thank you!

Spice Zee Nectaplum information from Dave Wilson Nursery

My Spicezee is not looking too hoy these days. After growing like gangbusters last year I hacked it back this year and I may have set it back. I put 5 grafts on it this spring and only 1 honey Royale survived. The leaves have started to green but it’s not growing out like the rest of my trees.

Pruned it today from 14’ down to 5’.


Bloom time!


Late afternoon photo


Here’s mine


That tree looks very close to the fence. Does it try to grow away from the fence? I guess it looks like fence is to the north of the tree? I’m asking because a year after I planted my peach tree, my neighbor put up a 6’ fence to the south of tree. About 4-5 ft between the tree and the fence. Now the tree tries to grow back towards the sun. Just few branches. Not sure what to do other than ripping off neighbor’s fence😁

@bleedingdirt – a very nice density of blossoms!

That’s no problem. The tree grows like an informal espalier.