Need Pickled Sunchoke/Jerusalem Artichoke Recipe

Hi guys. I am hoping someone has the Joy of Pickling by Linda Ziedrich. Before I buy a second or third copy could someone please send me the recipes for Jerusalem artichoke pickles(vinegar).


If you are not particular "got to that have " that recipe, there plenty of recipe online , I follow Morocco Jerusalem Artichoke pickling recipe online , which works out well.

I am looking for one I am sure can be canned.

I combined 2 recipes. 1 was the USDA recipe for canning Sunchoke and 2. was the pickled sunchoke recipe from Joy of Pickling.

What I did exactly was.

Convert 2 gallons into 8qt by volume. 8qt by volume weight 8lb. So I had about 5.6x the joy of pickles recipe.

Using the Joy of Pickling recipe I converted 1/4 of salt to grams and used the cheat sheet below to determined that the Salt solutions they where aiming for was 5%-6%. In the USDA recipe it called for vinegar to cover so I assume 2 gallons and the was about 7-8%. Since Vinegar to cover is imprecise I went with a 5%-6% ratio. I omitted vinegar from the salt brine and soaked the chokes in solution.

For the pickling brine I went with USDA I used a bag of dill pickle licking spice I picked up from target last year which seems to have been about 1/2 cup worth of spices. I used the 6 lb of sugar so these will be sweet pickles and I added the extra salt (kosher sea salt) to the brine Joy of pickles called for which was 2 tablespoons, a bay leaf in each jar and 3 dried chilies in about half the jars.

total 14 jars

Brine cheatsheet

Let you know how they taste in 3 weeks.


thanks for sharing the receipe. I have copy of joy of cooking but didn’t know there is a joy of pickling book. Nowadays, I go online to get receips

I think the books are likely completely different animals with similar names. The cookbook I recommend the most is Ratio by Michael Ruhlman. . Recipe’s are great but who is ever cooking exactly 2 gallons of sunchokes or 1.25 lb. Ruhlman taught me to look for the ratio in this case 5-6% salt brine. After that the exact quantity didn’t matter. If I made 1 gallon of 5% or 2 gallons brine I wouldn’t go wrong either way. I did end up with extra vinegar-sugar brine but Carrots are cheep.

I started eating the pickles right away. I am only now posting. They are delicious. I had some extra brine left and used it on some carrots. Also Delicious.