Need Variety Recommendations for Continuous Harvest in 6a

I am looking for anyone in zone 6a ( northwest PA / Northeast OH) region recommend fruit tree variety that will ripen between my other varieties, to create a continual harvest of fruit.

If I don’t already have, varieties for earlier harvest such as Early and Mid July, and mid August, and then Thru Sept, Possibly Oct? Later bloom time help also.

Most of my trees are too young to have fruited already, but I have these to gauge ripening times for my area.

Superior Plum - Mid July thru Early August
Morris Plum - Mid July thru Early August
Unknown Peach - Late July thru Early August
July Prince Peach - First fruits (2) and assume they will be ready for harvest early Sept.
Italian Prune Plum - First Fruit (1) and assume it will be ripe early to mid sept

Keiffer Pear (fruited first year but I cannot remember the date: it was late)
Ayer Pear (fruited first year but I cannot remember the date: it was late)

All new or yet to fruit

Hardired Nectarine
Blue Damson Plum
Coes Golden Drop Plum
Green Gage Plum
Ouillins Plum
Yellow Pershire Egg Plum
Petite d Augen Plum
Hollywood Plum (arrives next year)
Cocheco Plum (arrives next year)
Ersinger Plum (arrives next year)
Anna Spath plum
Improved French Prune
Lapins Cherry
Unknown Cherry (Never Fruited)
Unknown Cherry (only a few cherries and Cannot recall ripening date)
White Gold Cherry (Arrives Next Year)
Gala Apple
Honeycrisp Apple

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FWIW, my current pattern: June is for honey berries and cane berries (raspberry, blackberry, black raspberry), July is for mulberries (Illinois Everbearing – end of June through middle of August), August is for peaches (Early Redhaven, Redhaven, Blushingstar – late July through late August), September is for figs (lots of varieties - mid-August through mid-October) and some plums, October & November are for apples, pears, persimmons, and some late berries. So that’s fresh fruit June-November. With freezing berries and peaches, drying figs, and refrigerating apples, pears and persimmons, I can extend the consumption of home-grown fruit to Feb or longer.

I’m layering on blueberries and hopefully paw-paws. Cherries, Asian plums, and Apricots don’t work here.


No honeyberries or blueberries?? No serviceberries? No strawberries?



That is a good breakdown by fruit types

I do have raspberries and a blueberry bush also, and am planning to add more next year.

Empress plum is one of the later plums that hopefully will reliably ripen. (late September) Then you can stretch it with President (early October), but it might not fully ripen. Same with Indian free peach, 1st week of October. FWIW, this is my experience based on only a few years of harvest in NE Ohio. Looking at your list, Coes’s Golden Drop will be your latest stone fruit. It might not ripen in time. I have a tree with a few fruits this year, maybe I’ll get to find out. Concord and Catawba grapes are later ripening as well.

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Monark apple- mid August
Flaming Fury peach- Fat Lady- late August

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