New apple varieties by Midwest Apple Improvement Association

Picked but one Baker’s Delight. They are ripe. Taste sweet with acid in the background. Texture is firm but not crunchy.


Looks like a painting!


Not sure I would call Crunch a bunch “Early GoldRush”.

I picked some 7 days ago. I picked the ones that turned mostly yellow and left the green ones on.

Last night because of a concern about 24 F, I pulled 2 more. They did not come off easily. I practically had to yank them off the tree. They were quite green so I left the last two on. I also picked my only one Gold Rush, too.

Newly picked, not quite ripened Crunch A Bunch is the green one on the left. Gold Rush is a smaller one in the middle. It is quite yellow so it is more ripened than the green CaB. The Crunch A Bunch on the right was picked a week ago. Some have a good size.

I really don’t think CaB ripens earlier than Gold Rush. Not in my yard but my tree is in a partial shade.

@Johnthecook - you are in zone 7, right? Your CaB ripened over a month ahead of mine.

This apple is very good. A keeper.


Just as a side note. I also had to really yank the apples off my trees as well. We are getting about 4 out of 6 nights with temps in the low 20’s plus next week night temps like that as well. I had to resort to taking some pruners and cut the apple stems to keep from pulling the branch off. Not sure why this happened this year vs the prior years. Some of mine were Golden Delicious apples that were still hanging on the tree.

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Tough to compare my one apple. That seems odd to still not be ripe.

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I guess getting only 5-6 hours of sun a day could do that to the fruit.

They have a long ripening period. The first one picked was over 3 weeks ago. The last two are still green and hanging tight.

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@mamuang, did Baker’s Delight have the strawberry milkshake flavor that was described in one report? Or the hints of vanilla that was in another?

Looks very clean. Maybe it’s disease resistant.

I did not detect such flavor. There were 4 of us tasting it. No one detected it. I ate some later and did not detect any, either.

It could be that my tree does not get full sun to maximize the flavor. My soil could influence the taste, too. I admit Baker’s Delight this first year is a decent to good apple.

On the other hand, Crunch A Bunch is a really good apple.


I would buy an apple variety that tasted like strawberry milkshake. YUM!

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The color and lenticels look very similar for the two apples on the right. That’s about it.

It’s strange to me that they call it a version of Gold Rush, when its a distinctly bred variety. I think that could be confusing to many people.

@murkyYou probably read the same article I did.

Baker’s Delight is a Gold Rush x Sweet 16 cross but does not taste like either.

Crunch A Bunch is aproduct of Honey Crisp’s open pollination that looks so much like Gold Rush and its taste also reminds me of Gold Rush, too.

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I finally tried Evercrisp. For a modern apple it’s pretty good, easily better than Honeycrisp and Cosmic Crisp, but it does not compare to classic heirloom apples or to Arkansas Black. If I could buy a tree I probably wouldn’t unless maybe to use for breeding purposes.


Been awhile since I tried Evercrisp, but as I recall a lot like the Cosmic Crisp…except that the flavor imparted by Fuji is a little easier on my taste buds than the flavor imparted by the Enterprise parent of the Washington offering. Both apples more firm than ideal…but I guess after 12 months in storage they might be soft, I don’t know?
I am unsure about disease resistance in growing the Evercrisp….I guess you need to ‘join the club’ if you want that information.

Bought a 3 pound bag of Opal for $3.99 Rather bland, but better than store bought yellow delicious. (A European apple, not MAIA apple.)

We got some Evercrisp from an orchard across the river in Ohio, along with some Goldrush last Nov. The EC were very good, but still are runners-up to GR, in our opinion. And this was despite the EC being grade 1 fruit compared to the grade 2 GR.


I’ve never had a “good” Gold Rush. Perhaps I should keep an eye out for some. But they never have them at the super markets around here.

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I dont think ive ever seen a GR in stores around here also. Maybe they dont ship well or something…

I don’t get why this is the case, I don’t see them in stores either. But, we don’t have a diverse variety of supermarkets, either.

It’s very odd, because they do store for many months after you pick or buy them from orchards, usually in mid to late October. I’ve had GR in the frig well into the new year and they still taste good.

They have a Golden Delicious look to them, so it can’t be because they’re an ugly apple, or are really hard to grow. I do know they’re our favorite, and we have tried dozens of varieties, and they are highly prized on here. So it’s a mystery why they’re not sold in stores.


Same here. Seems that just about raves about the GR. I am either not finding any good ones that are grown around here or my taste buds just do not think they are that great. I hate to waste a tree space for an apple that is so-so, even when I grow my own.

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I have got really good Goldrush from Reed Valley in Paris, KY for many years. That’s prob too far a drive for you for just apples, though. It’s abt an 85 mile drive for us, but I stay a while to get the most out of the day. It’s an impressive place.

I got my GR last season at Fuhrmann’s orchard in Wheelersburg, OH, just east of Portsmouth. Unlike RV, they don’t do PYO.

I have a four year old GR tree, hope this is the year we get to try some. It had one apple on it last year, but some varmit got it before it was ready. I also have a two year old GR in a pot that’s going to get planted soon.


My local grocer has had gold rush apples a few years but they usually arrive with the green newtown pippins which i can never buy enough of. The gold rush are very good and not grown in colorado neither are the green newtown pippins I believe the pippins are from california and the gold rush from washington. This store has amazing produce.

I have one and it produces pretty well the apples i usually have to pick before the hard frosts but after many light ones and finish ripening in my fridge. I think it has a good tart bite and the sweetness like a good golden delicious that i very much love but it lacks the flavour of granny smith(similar acidity) or that pleasant aftertaste that alot of the old heirloom apples have. That is just for my location