NEW MEMBERS: Remember to put your location on our map

We’ve had lots of new members sign up recently, which is great. I just wanted to remind all these new folks (and others who haven’t done it yet) to please be sure and enter your location on our members map. It’s both fun and beneficial to find out which GF members live near you. Because fruit growing techniques vary so much based on geographic area, using this map is a fantastic way to locate folks with the same environment (soils, insect and disease varieties, weather, and so on). This map makes it easy to locate and reach out to those near you to ask about things that may be geographically similar. It’s also fun to meet people near-by, perhaps even getting to tour each others orchards and/or share information and plant material in person. In short, the map is just an outstanding tool for all of us to use, but its only as good as the number of people who take the time to locate themselves on it. Please take a few minutes and do that if you haven’t already. Here is the link to the thread that explains where the map is, how to use it, and so on. Thanks. -Kevin


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Good idea! A New Years resolution worth encouraging!
Happy New Years!

Kevin had a very good idea, as new members join, they are not always aware that in their BIO they can opt in to have their location placed on the general map. If concerns about privacy would tend to discourage you from doing so, you can just use an approximate address. This feature allows all members to easily locate members for consultation purposes and often locate members nearby who may have similar interests. I find it a very useful feature and used it to locate a local grafting friend. So I encourage all members to give this feature your careful consideration!
Happy New Years!
Kent, wa