New Ruby Supreme Guava

I finally found a replacement back in June. I have been looking for 2 years!! It currently has two flowers about to open, maybe tomorrow.
July 30 2021


This flower was from a few weeks ago

Aug 25 2021


Alright guys , so the creatures got those two guavas, I was so mad. Luckily it now has another six flowers on the way and one small fruit on it.
Nov 7 2021


If the fruit were taken while the plant was in your greenhouse,they may be rats.I trapped a couple,that were getting some ripening fruit,where mine were.

Thanks for the response, but it was when it was in the backyard a few weeks back. Those damn squirrels!! But it was the time for them collecting thing i get it LOL!

The tree looks the same but these are new!
There are still more flowers coming.
Nov 24


Hey so there have been a few colder nights and the leaves are going all purple. Has anyone experienced this? I hope the leaves don’t fall off, there is two sets of fruit on it now. I will be keeping a closer eye on the temps from inside the house.
Dec 19

That happened to a Lemon Guava I had.The leaves didn’t drop.

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So the leaves dropped because I had to move it one night in Jan. The heater wasn’t able to keep up. Since then it’s warmed up new leaves are on their way.

most recent pic I have from Feb 16

March 18 Growing strong

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What is your typical overnight temperature in there? My two guavas were left outside for a few frosts in the early winter (that’s the damaged tops and purple leaves), but have been in the greenhouse since December, and have hardly any new growth. The overnight low is typically in the upper 40s°F (8° to 10°C) in the greenhouse, but ranges from low 40s to low 50s (5° to 12°C).


Hii, Very nice plants! At least the leaves didn’t drop for you. That’s quite pretty and then having green leaves now mixing in! The overnight lows have been around 8-10C . It can be cool at night but the day time is where you need the heat, The day temps have been 20-25C over the last month. Also make sure they are watered well now. Lots of plants over winter I don’t water and they stay dormant. Guavas are water hogs lol big time.

I don’t know how long you have had those. Did you buy them like that or were they cuttings? They grow very fast and fruit at a young age. Here is a pic from when I bought the plant in June 2021
June 14 This was a week after getting it and it had already grown a bit


These are seedlings that are a little over one year old, one is a Vietnamese white and the other a Vietnamese pink, but I got them mixed up so not sure which is which. Here’s what one of them looked like shortly after I got them from @Bradybb last January:

I kept them outside from April until early December.

I’ve been trying to water them well, and lately the highs are usually above 20°C (sometimes above 30°!), so maybe they just need more light (it’s been mostly cloudy lately with just a few sunny days). Here’s a temperature chart for the month of March so far in the greenhouse:


Ruby Supreme Guava April 16
It’s got soo many flowers coming!


It’s in full bloom! I think I counted 14 flowers today, tomorrow another 17 or so will open.


Very nice. Is that a seedling or grafted plant? i still have my seedling guavas but nothing yet…i think they are going on summer #3.

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It is grafted. I hear they still flower at a youngerrr… age lol. not like avocados. So any year now!

Here is the Spring update on the Ruby Supreme. It got cut back and leafing out nicely!

March 29


Did you get any fruit with all those flowers last year?

Sadly they developed to the size of peanuts and in two days I had it outside the GH squirrels and whatever else had taken all 40 something fruit. left me so mad. I wont be letting that happen this year. Also I could get those netted little bags for fruit?

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