New Seedling Apples, EIGHT years later! Late October 2019 — SkillCult


Interesting. There’s a bunch of stuff I want to try, might add that to the mix. Like what if you budded that onto a fruiting spur?


Following up on my budding of a 3-month old seedling above, it looks like one of the buds is starting to grow. I did four and the other ones eventually died. I did a couple other seedlings given how well the first one did and I also expect a few will make it. Some of them the seedling was in fact still growing OK, I just “stole” a dormant bud off the stem. I am getting a bit optimistic that this may cut a year or so off the apple seed grow-out.


Love what you do,@SkillCult, and been a YT subscriber since last year. I cannot thank you enough for your taste-testing and apple breeding videos–which seemed to be the catalyst for my wife allowing me to begin a hobby orchard. After seeing your enthusiasm for all-things-apples, I believe she thought the hobby could keep me both mentally and physically healthy…and also provide a legacy of sorts to our children and grand-children. My first attempt at home-brewing cider (8 gallons) was very successful also, and it was your all-things-about-apples videos, AGAIN, I have to thank for it. (It was only after watching your videos, that my wife allowed me to buy the grinder, press, & etc…) THANK YOU!!

As for your money-making ideas and the how-to’s of bill paying, I wonder why you don’t write a book? Honestly, I have purchased books by apple experts that are not really “all that,” and I am sure you could do better!.I think it would only be a matter of presenting your unique perspectives in an organized manner/format which could earn you that passive income you desire and allow you to pursue your goals more easily. Easier said than done, of course–and I’d bet you’ve already thought about it–but I have a feeling you’d sell enough to make it worthwhile at least. I would certainly love to hear the story of how your interest in apples began, and also your thoughts on growing apples using the common-sense and practical methods to be directed at the novice/hobbyist grower–and without all the confusing and complicated holistic/elitist grower BS, if you know what I mean. Tell the reader how to make a self-pollinating franken tree with varieties suitable for their growing zone; how to graft scions onto rootstocks and CARE FOR THEM afterwards; how to choose rootstocks (in detail); oh, and tell us how you become such a taste-testing connoisseur, and “wordsmith.”:thinking:

Anyway, just a thought, a wish for your success, and a sincere thank you from a huge fan. Good luck, and best regards.


Very interested to follow your progress on that project. My tallest seedling is still only 6 inches tall. It’s a super cool spring here.


Ha, well, glad to enable anyone to invest in orchards! I have contemplated doing something on how I taste stuff. I essentially prioritize my overall motive reaction, like what do I want to keep eating without polluting that too much with analytical stuff. That’s the bottom line for me, is what is compelling. The analytical part is best subjugated to that. Also thought about doing an apple book. Probably random snippets, stories, experience, and practical philosophy. There are too many holes in my knowledge to try to make anything comprehensive regarding practical growing.


I think you under estimate your knowledge base. You certainly have enough expertise to write a book on apple culture. A book is permanent and long lasting unlike the internet. People still use “Apples of New York” as a reference and it was written over a century ago. Also a book will make you a “serious apple guy” :smile: which might come in handy at some point.