New video on growing high density apple trees

This video may apply more to folks in the southeast US but I think does a good job of explaining how to grow dwarf apple trees at 4 to 6 foot spacing. I started out with 4 foot spacing in my orchard but now prefer the 6 foot spacing.

High Density Training Systems in the Southeast


Nice video. I like 6ft as well and those size rootstocks. Those are systems a home grower could easily learn and use.

But what I want is those boys diet and workout routine. They’re packing some serious muscle!!.

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Thanks, Chris. The video is very easy to follow.

The only thing about high density system I don’t like is that it requires that old branches be removed and new ones be created on an on-going basis. It would not be possible to graft new varieties on trees in this system. I really have to commit to the varieties I would grow in this system.

It’s good education about the system, nonetheless. .

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I don’t grow apples or have watched this video, but with the KGB system for cherries I was thinking when you renew a branch instead of letting it grow out, would be to graft on it, and then follow the pruning system. next renewal will leave the graft. With KGB that would be in five years.

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Thanks Chris! This is a great video for folks in the south east, featuring Dr Mike. Same fruit tree specialist from NCSU that produced the awesome video series on pruning peach trees. Seems to be a slight conflict between what works in NY and Washington State and what works in the south. No Cornell Kool Aid here!

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Yes as Drew said when you do your branch removal just cleft graft to the limb stump. I have done it a number of times.

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