Newest banana leaf

I’ll try to put this in the right catagory. It’s shooting out a leaf every 10 days, but for November 19th I can’t complain.


Lookin’ good @mattk! What’cha got growin’ there?

It’s packed this year. Dwarf Cavendish,peas coming up under banana. Pisang Ceylon(potted), mangos, papaya, winter greens, lemon grass, dipladenia and mandevilla. Behind where I was standing out of picture I have another Pisang Ceylon, CA Gold and a Basjoo all in the ground.

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Nice. I’m growing dwarf cavandish banana as well. Here is one in my greenhouse that was only 2 inches in March. It started flowering in late Sept. Bananas soon!


All three of 'em. Greenhouse is going to get tight in a few years!


those look great! I wish I could have more in the ground so they would turn out as healthy as yours!

True, in the ground is not an option at your location – the temperature of the subsurface water would maim them. But with floor insulation and a 24" tree box I believe you could have the same success with dwarf cavendish.

What are the plants in the foreground?

I just saw that new greenhouse floor post! temps dropped, we have some surprise snow and it’s 28 F outside right now, going to feel like 16F early morning hours. The greenhouse yesterday went down around 45F. The only thing that wasn’t happy was the tomato

In their native environment, tomatoes are fragile perennials living 7-10 years.


Once you make it through winter, you could plant them in the ground and just container the pups next winter… ?

@Richard, from left to right… avocado, mango (just the tip), satsuma, satsuma.

Overall I have 4 avocados, 3 bananas, 2 mangos (one other died), 2 satsuma, lemon, lime, 7 pineapple. Spacing is going to get cramped. Going to play with aggressive pruning in a few years…

I need to redesign irrigation since everything gets the same amount of water. Bananas and citrus on the same watering schedule is no good.

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Manzano growing steady newest leaf is open Dec 20
sorry for the low quality had to take these with my old iPod lol
The full leaf nearly touching the window


A few better quality pics from today. These new leaves are really adding some height now. first time I’m glad we have 14 foot ceiling in the kitchen

As much of the stem as I could fit in


The days are getting longer :slight_smile: A new year a new leaf, here it is today almost fully out. I will measure the stem in a few days just for fun.


I see you have an incurable form of the gardening disease :slight_smile:


This banana stopped growing in mid Jan! I’m being very cautious with the water… Could that be the reason? I recently flushed the entire pot. Has anyone had this problem?? The pup hasn’t budged either


What are the overnight temps in that location of the house?

66-68F. I noticed the dwarf cavendish pup I have even closer to the window is growing at a good rate.

Check the soil moisture at the bottom of the tub perhaps in the corner.

I took a stick and checked, the soil down there is now moist. lots of sun past week beating down on the pots. I’ll give it a week and see it a new leaf shows up. I just lost my avocado yesterday because the bottom 2 inches on the pot didn’t dry out in time :frowning: I really don’t wanna loose this banana.

If it’s too dry the leaves usually will tell me and a softer p-stem?
what are the first signs I would see for over watering?

Thanks Richard!