Newest banana leaf


Root rot.

I recommend you excavate to check, a 3" x 3" tunnel to the bottom.


Yes seems to be dry. Where I put the stick in seemed a bit moist ( soil on the stick). That was to the far left of the picture. The roots are all strong and intact. Dare I take it out back use the hose and let it drain?


Matt - I’m very happy you put in the effort. You’re learning about the culture of your adhoc containers.

So its dry near the bottom. Also, you have experience (that I don’t have) with your containers. I recommend you give it a moderate watering that will leave the soil moist.

I know you’ve seen this list before, but for other readers – soil can be:

  1. saturated
  2. wet
  3. moist
  4. less than moist
  5. dry

For many plants, aim for moist.


It’s still trial and error fun along the way. Yes that guide is very handy to have. Hopefully that will have fixed it. I will update next week at see how it’s doing. thnx Richard


All good now, It’s pushing up a big new leaf! What a relief knowing was just dry and not over watered. I will post a pic when it’s open. I added fertilizer to the water a few days ago which should really help.


As promised here it is,it seems slightly shorter then the last. I’m thinking lack of water did that?


or possibly lack of overhead light.


oh darn, and the skylight is to the far right! well it’s made it this long. I’ll try to squeeze another month and a half out of it there before I can take it out… If I can get it out LOL seriously tho :smiley: I appreciate your input Richard thank you.


It’s just fine. Looks healthy to me. I know, we all fuss about our “babies”. :wink:


I was able to get a good stem picture today. Nice solid green with those black marks.


The newest leaf yesterday


small update - I ran out of fertilizer, that’s a first lol but that’s not slowing it down. The newest leaf is nearly out and It’s starting to really lean as you can probably tell, wants to be outside big time!


and the storms aren’t over yet…


Your tent is getting a bit warm!


Yes, most days are around 90F after the door is opened. Outside it’s very sad the temps are not reaching above 70F. One of the worst springs/summers I can remember :frowning:


Here is an update on the apple. Hoping it warms back up into the 80’s. I really don’t know how this will manage in the house this winter. Thanks for looking!


Here is an update on the manzano 12/10/17


A little update: The main plant hasn’t grow since late December :frowning: I watered to the point where it came out the bottom. The pup is growing though…?


Me being extremely cautious haha the same thing happened last year. Good news - I had to get on a chair to see, but there is a new leaf beginning to poke out the top! I’m gonna feed her heavy this year starting first week of March! The container is bad I know, literally falling apart when I touch it.
This is what the pup looks like as of today

Main plant from 2 weeks ago


Looks like more puppies starting